Modern Family

Season 3 Episode 23

Tableau Vivant

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 16, 2012 on ABC

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  • 3.23 'Tableau Vivant'

    I'm sorry but I'm gonna be a little harsh this time. What the F was that??? Really? Seriously, writers, seriously? Are you kidding me and another 11 million viewers? This has got to be one of the weakest episodes ever. Ok, I giggled a couple of times at Mitchell being labeled as The Lazy Guy over at Phil's agency and at the end as he was lying on the floor in the elevator, but Luke's fire storyline was very silly and Jay Pritchett sandwich storyline was terrible. And yeah, Gloria is pretty loud, but her beautiful tetas make up for it so shut the hell up Jay and enjoy your hot wife! 4,5/10
  • One of the best episodes since March!

    Hilarious! Big LOL! Best of episodes 18-23!

    I don't understand how you can't like this episode!