Modern Family

Season 1 Episode 2

The Bicycle Thief

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Sep 30, 2009 on ABC

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  • What a great plot.... Too Bad Its Stolen

    How funny is it that a father steels a bike that he thought was his sons only to find out that it wasn't his sons at all Ha Ha Ha It seems like a good plot... and it is but there's one small issue: Full House Did It A Few Decades Ago!!!!!. (Am I the only one who remembers full house?) Come on abc is this what you call a "fresh" new sitcom: A lame mocumentary angle and twenty year old plot lines? And while I'm on the topic of the mocumentary style, I have many complaints about it. Mainly the fact that it is Lazy!!, I mean you could try to get exposition out through natural dialogue between the characters but nope thats too hard for these brain dead writers who would rather just have the characters explicitly tell us crap that they were to lazy to write into the story. Its like if every episode has a long star wars text scroll explaining all this. This is the last episode of modern family I am going to watch
  • The Bicycle Thief

    Okay episode of Modern Family here. The premise was good and as usual Phil was funny, but the rest of the episode was pretty forgettable. Jay's hatred toward Manny just feels so forced, scripted and just not believable.

    What I do like are the "serious" moments at the end of the episode, the feel good, morals during the final scene or two where the cast learns something. They actually do not mess up the flow of the show like they do when How I Met Your Mother tries them. Definitely a step up from the pilot, but that is not saying too much.
  • About being a good dad...

    Jay is right, showing up, be there for you kid no matter what it takes. What he did for Manny was pretty good and I'm sure he was feeling terrible about giving him such a bad news that he had to do something even when the kid had been telling how a great and awesome man his dad is. The stolen bicycle plot was a lot of fun. Only Phil could get in that kind of trouble. The girls weren't around, but I like Luke and I think the writers could make him more funny.
    The gay couple had their funny moments too, not my favorite one but still.
  • Halerious

    Very good
  • Good Job on the Second Episode

    12.6 million people watched the Pilot episode on Sptember 23, 2009. A week later comes another episode. A lot of those 12.6 million were going to watch. And those 10 million people who did watch saw a funny episode.

    Phil had SO MANY funny moments in this episode!

    The plot with Mitchell and Cam was hilarious because Mitchell's perfectionism meets Cam's energy and non-conformism.

    The plot with the Pritchett-Delgados was interesting, but not very funny.

    If there had been a hilarious plot with the Pritchett-Delgados, then I would give this episode a 10, but it wasn't funny, so this episode gets an 8 from me.
  • Phil gets Luke a bike

    Before I start, I think was the second episode but it's the third episode of the Season 1 DVD. A very funny episode that focused on parenting, relationships and limits. A continuing theme was Phil missing up but trying to fix it without Claire finding out and even lieing about it as not to make her more mad. When Phil does this, I think he does it because not because he is a bad husband, but he is trying to be a perfect husband. The scene with the attractive neighbor are great. Obviously he is attracted to her, but doesn't want to be. Another good part was seeing Jay and Manny together. In these scenes, I can see a little Al Bundy in Jay. One of my favorite parts of the episode was seeing Jay lieing to Manny to protect not only Manny's view of his father but his feelings as well. At the end of the show, it seemed like the realtionship was starting to improve. I also enjoyed seeing Cameron, Mitchell and their daughter together at the kids play thing. Seeing Cameron talk "normal" was great. When the flamboyant couple come in and Cameron's reaction was laugh out loud funny. A very solid episode.
  • Would make a good Father's Day viewing.

    With a pilot as good as Modern Family's, it's hard to followup. Thankfully, the dip between episodes 1 and 2 is a minor one, and Modern Family is still bringing solid laughs.

    This week, the gays brought their baby to a little baby play-time get together thing that new parents do. Worried of making a bad impression, Mitchel stifles Cameron from really cutting lose. There was nice gag where Mitch steals another baby's building blocks, but other than that- meh.

    The a material really comes from Phil, who buys his son a bike (behind the wife's back) with the pretense that Luke show some responsibility. When Phil sees the bike unattended, he does what The Office's Michael Scott would do- he steals it to teach the kid a lesson. And of course, not only is the bike not Luke's, but it gets stolen too! Anyone who follows comedy at all, saw both twists coming a mile away, but Ty Burell still makes it work, and throw on top of that the big-chested kindly neighbor, and there are some great gags here. (I loved when he tried to cover his wife's eyes after the fact- lol!)

    Finally, Gloria forces Jay to spend some time with Manny, and here we get a hint of some of the sobering aspects of Modern Family. Manny of course thinks his dad is the greatest (when he's a deadbeat), and after a fight, decides he hates Jay and the new living arrangements. It will be interesting to see some of the other drama the show throws down the line. But Ed O Niel does the stand up thing at the end of the day, and really adds some great poignancy to both his character and the series. Great commentary on dads.
  • AWESOME follow up to the pilot.

    If the pilot was the show attempting to find its footing, than this is Modern Family finding its footing and providing some of the funniest moments I've seen in the past couple of seasons.

    It's easy to point out the flaws in Modern Family.. Sure, maybe it drags a little sometimes (though this episode barely had ANY) and it's similar to other mockumentaries on TV right now, like The Office and Parks and Recreation. But I think Modern Family uses this the best (although an argument can be made for The Office). The camera work is subtle, never making it feel like they're trying to shove in your face "THIS IS A DOCUMENTARY!" Instead, you get some casual looks to the camera (Phil's quick glance over when he sees Desiree was priceless) and some talking heads that don't overdo it.

    As I said before, this episode felt like a giant step forward for the show. The whole bicycle storyline was hilarious, and watching Phil dig himself further and further into a hole in order to cover up what happened was amazing to watch. It was like watching Michael Scott crash and burn, but not as awkward and sometimes familiar, mostly because we haven't had six seasons to get to know Phil yet.

    Even the side stories were good, with Cameron and Mitchell having an awkward time at the baby place. Mitchell stealing the kids blocks and then realizing there was a security camera was also worth some huge laughs and Cameron's Meryl Streep talking head was good. The fact they brought it back for the tag took me completely off guard, in the best way possible.

    The follow up to the pilot was a pleasant surprise. I hope the ratings can stay up and not fade away like a lot of great sitcoms. Modern Family and Community are the best new comedies right now on TV.. it's definitely a good year for comedy so far.

    Phils look to the camera
    Jay's awful attitude
    The tag