Modern Family

Season 4 Episode 19

The Future Dunphys

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Apr 03, 2013 on ABC

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  • Fantastic Vietnamese Resteraunt Scene

    The Jay/Manny plot was ok. The Dunphy family plot was pretty good. The Mitchell/Cam/Gloria/Lily plot was very great! I thought that both Jay and Manny were a little bit odd in this episode. Phil and Claire in this episode were so typical Phil and Claire in this episode, very funny. Also Luke's line about their parents being kidnapped was hilarious. The future Dunphys were great (and was that Up All Night's Luka Jones as future Luke?), and then the tiny bit with the past Dunphys--hiarious! And then on to my favorite plot. The conversation with Lily about being gay as opposed to being Italian or Vietnamese was awkward, but the rest was fantastic! Lily's "When am I going to get real boobs?" was hilarious, as was her "I hate And then the best line of the episode, and maybe of all Modern Family "Everyone should just go back to where they came
  • The Once and future Dunphys

    The Jay and Manny storyline was ok at first. Jay being hung up on having to wait on the rich kids when he was growing up was an alright story point. The jokes about the rich kids having little noses was funny. And when Manny botched his entrance exam, I thought the writers were going to make it out like he did it to stop Jay from becoming an obsessive parent. But when it turned out he just went nuts due to the pressure he felt from Jay being clearly proud of him, it took a turn towards being great. Because the speech Jay gave him, apologizing for not making it clear that he was proud of Manny every single day made my grinchy little heart a few times bigger. It was a solid story, when I thought it was going to be an after thought.

    Clare and Phil seeing a future version of their kids while Clare was in the hospital was a great story. Seein Justine Bateman as the future Hailey was terrific. I was hoping that I recognized the other two actors who played future Alex and future Luke because it was such perfect casting. I didn't. But seeing the parents both doing a 180 on their decisions when they saw what the older "kids" turned out like was funny. Phil saw them as hopeless losers: future Alex was a lonely cat woman who made suits for the cat, future Hailey was a multiple divorced airbag who still borrowed money from Dad, and future Luke was a goofball who got arrested for doing goofy stuff as an adult. And Clare saw them as grown children who avoided their mother because they thought she was overbearing. So they both panicked and made phone calls to the kids at the same time in a genuinely funny scene.

    But I think the best part of the episode was with Lily. The scene that followed her telling Gloria that she was gay was funny and well played. Cam was clearly more at ease with the idea. Mitchell kept using phrases that made him sound like a close minded bigot by mistake. And I really did laugh out loud during the scene in the restaurant. By that time the joke, with the patrons walking by as they said something to be helpful that ws taken out of context, was being telegraphed, but still so funny that I laughed out loud. Especially the joke where Mitchell told the two women that they had plenty of lesbian friends, and Cam noted that it was weird that he didn't just point out that they were gay. But the best part of this whole story was the little actress who played Lily. I don't know which casting person found her, but that person needs a bonus. When she first came on the show as a young Lily, she would get a line or two in here or there. I thought she was cute, but nothing exciting. but this episode she ran the gambit for cute to bratty, and all points in between. i don't know how many takes they have to shoot to get the end product, but she was terrific. The adults weren't playing straight men, neither was she. it was a great scene. made the whole episode one of my favorites for the seires so far, not just the season.
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