Modern Family

Season 1 Episode 4

The Incident

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 14, 2009 on ABC

Episode Recap

All the families are enjoying a nice day. Gloria comes back from working out and asks Jay to join her in the shower. Phil and Claire are watching Haley and Luke play patty cake, leaving them puzzled. Elsewhere, Mitchell and Claire's mom, Dede, arrives at Mitchell and Cameron's house. At this moment, a bird flies into Jay and Gloria's house, and at Claire and Phil's house, Luke and Haley start fighting. Dede tells Mitchell that she has stopped by to see his new baby. She tells him that she has worked with a shaman to help her live her life spiritually. However, in order to move on, she wants to get past "The Incident." "The Incident" involved Dede giving a toast at Jay and Gloria's wedding. Depressed seeing her ex-husband marrying a younger women, and after having too many drinks, Dede caused a scene and had to be carried out of the room.
Haley wants to go to a concert overnight with her boyfriend, but Claire doesn't approve of the idea. She claims that an uncle of somebody she knows will chaperone them, but Claire doesn't believe it. Angry about her mom always being on her about things, she storms out of the room.
Manny returns home from his slumber party, but Gloria is upset to see that the kids drew a beard on his face when he was sleeping. Jay isn't worried and tells him that he needs to prank them back.
Dede reveals to Mitchell that she has met another man and that they are to move to his far off foreign land, Canada. However, she is upset over what she did to Gloria and Jay and she can't be too intimate with her new man. She wants him to help her get the families forgiveness, to which Mitchell asks her to join the family at dinner.
Phil talks with Haley in her room. Trying to connect with her, and better explain why her mother is so hard on her, Phil tries to act like one of her friends. However, the approach doesn't work.
Mitchell and Dede arrive at Claire's house, but Claire still doesn't approve of her mom. Mitchell tries to ask Claire if Dede can come to their dinner. Haley comes in and tells Dede, who says that she looks grown up, that her mom doesn't think so and won't let her go to a concert with her boyfriend. Dede finds this funny since Claire was in a similar situation when she was Haley's age. Not wanting to be like her mom, Claire allows Haley to bring her boyfriend, Dylan, to the dinner and that if he's as charming as Haley says, she will allow her to go with him. Mitchell takes Claire aside and asks her if it's all right to bring Dede to dinner. She says it's all right, but he has to ask dad as well.
Mitchell arrives at Jay's to ask if it would be fine to bring mom to the dinner. Jay says that Gloria would be furious and says that this conversation never happened. He did say that Mitchell could bring her, but he would act surprised by it and not like it at all.
At Phil and Claire's, Dylan arrives with his guitar. However, when Gloria, Jay, and Manny arrive, Gloria is angry to see Dede there. Mitchell tries to tell her about the situation, but she wants to leave. Dede explains herself to Gloria, earning her truest, but out of nowhere Dede tries to choke Gloria, After the family separates the two of them, Dede feels sorry and doesn't know what happened. Dylan says to them that she must have just desired being with Jay, seeing as how he was something great to her, and that he likes Haley because of the confidence that she got from such a loving and caring family. Phil and Claire are impressed with Dylan and even decide to let Haley go with him to the concert. However, after allowing Dylan to sing a song that he wrote for Haley, they hear his dirty lyrics and instantly change their minds. Later on, each of the family members start singing Dylan's catchy song as they perform various taks.