Modern Family

Season 1 Episode 4

The Incident

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 14, 2009 on ABC

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  • Amazing

    This episode is a amazing comedy.
  • Great Episode about a Crazy Relative

    This was a funny episode with a lot of laughs.

    The funny areas of this episode included:

    -looking back at "The Incident"

    -the conversation that never happened

    -DeDe trying to strangle Gloria

    -Dylan singing to Haley

    -the family members singing Dylan's song
  • Jay's former wife comes to a visit

    Another solid funny episode. It may not be good as last one but still good. I liked the character of Jay's former life. I thought it was funny how she is trying to prove she has this "normal" life after her divorce. It's funny how she openly talks about sex in front of her kids. I also liked her treatment of Cameron. It's not bad and not as bad as how Jay treats Phil but it's funny how Cameron shrinks in front of her. This episode exposed the relationships that Claire and Mitchell had with their parents when growing up. The "incident" was funny to see and was funner when she tried to apologize to Gloria and the family only to attack Gloria again. I think this should be refereed to as the incident 2. When Jay's former wife tried to attack Gloria and Phil said I got Gloria was very funny. Another funny moment was Dylan's song. With a nice title and nice start to the song to only be weird was great. I liked the character of Dylan. The producers of Modern Family cold have easily cast him as a douche bag but they didn't. Another funny episode.
  • The Incident

    Anytime the wacky relative shows up, it usually does not lead to a good episode. You should not introduce a character like this, even if was just a one-off appearance, in the 4th episode. That is way too early for a show that is already about a huge, extended family. This episode did feature some funny parts, but like is usually the case with Modern Family, the episode was just so predictable. The minute Dylan broke out the guitar you knew it was going to be an inappropriate song. If you did not know that, watch more television!

    Some good moments, but not that great an episode.
  • "I gave her a pair of gorgeous diamond earrings and she gave me a hint."

    Another excellent episode by Modern Family. Looking back on some of the previous episodes, I probably could've rated them lower, because this was definitely stronger than last week's.. and that's saying a lot, because last week, in my opinion, was a great episode. However, with this episode, we get some backstory, some old family footage (including a hilarious home video of Cameron on an exercise machine, looking enraged) and some great interactions between the cast.

    Everything starts when Dede, Claire and Mitchell's mother returns for the first time since they had the "incident." And seeing the incident for yourself, along with all of the talking heads of the family explaining what they were thinking at the time, is the way to go.. me explaining would ruin it. Anyways, she comes to apologize to Gloria, who was deeply offended by her, and in doing so gets the family all riled up.

    This episode was in the vein of last week's, where all the plots came to tie together in the end. Everybody in the family was interacting with one another and with Dylan's monologue at the end, we were reminded of how eclectic and dysfunctional the family is.. of course he ruins his heartfelt monologue with a song that steals the entire episode.

    With Benjamin Bratt and Edward Norton agreeing to appear on the show, it appears the show is only going to get better with time.
  • Dylan, quite the poet!

    I didn't think it was that bad. It had been a while since I saw Shelly Long and I remember her from her Cheers days. Funny that at the same time I started watching Cheers, I was also watching Married with Children...

    I like the interaction between Jay and Claire. Isn't there always in every family someone who is trying to solve all the problems and bring everyone together?

    Phil is silly most of the times. His talk with Haley was funny and his 'I got Gloria' was ridiculous but not lame.

    And I really started to like Dylan, he had a point with everything he said but then his little song was well, a little to much ;)
  • "The last time she was here, the refrigerator magnets rearranged themselves in the shape of a penta-gradma" So thick with content, watching each episode multiple times is a necessity.

    It is only 4 shows into the series, and I do believe this show is both, for real and going to last.

    ABC picked up the full year, which really was not a surprise, but the shows are just packed with content and nuance to captivate even the most wayward of skeptics. There are so many ways the producers can take any one of these families, the available content should be able to last as long as the writers can keep up. So far at least, the writers are doing just fine, and the cast is right on top of giving us the feeling that we could be in their reactive roles.

    There are so many relate-able scenes, the type where "we've been there", that a person gets drawn into the scene and anticipates the characters reaction based on their own experience.

    There also seems to be a steady stream of Hollywood notables who are offering their services up for "spots" to be written for them. That in itself says a lot, and the writers are putting them in roles that fit like a glove, which gives the show just that much more depth.

    Modern Family is a "Gem" of a show, and certainly gives me hope for a resurgence in network programming.
  • "I just wanna do you...under the moonlight" Ha, another hilarious installment!

    For the first time in my life, i agreed what the critics said. This show is funny! and deserved an emmy! (sorry 30 rock!) Tonight's episode revolved around Jay's ex-wife coming for a visit to apologize about "the incident" that happened in jay's and gloria's wedding and she informed that she's moving in canada, the french part. LOL! Shelley Long is the perfect ex-wife! I love how this show has so much hilarious moments in less than 30 minutes. I love how the 3 funny stories or plot of the 3 families became 1 hilarious story in the end. The thing that entertain me the best is how dylan stop the "cat fight" between Dede and Gloria and explained how each party really feel to each other and when he started singing, i thought it's gonna be a one chessy ending but he started singing about how he really want to do Haley, Claire's and Phil daugher, under the moonlight! A WTF classic funny clip! Every characters of the show in this episode, except for Alex (Phil and Claire other daughter) where is she??, blended well and has time to shine and do there thing.
    Overall this is an another perfectly crafted episode filled with so much laughs! I'm really looking forward for the next week episode!