Modern Family

Season 3 Episode 20

The Last Walt

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Apr 18, 2012 on ABC

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  • 3.20 "The Last Walt"

    Not the best, but not entirely bad nor weak. It was just a pretty average episode, that's all. But it's been like that for almost an entire season 3 with this show. Episodes are average, dialogue is not that good and I only smile a couple of times, no LOL moments going on.

    Gloria has been given very little screentime for the last 2 or 3 episodes and I hate that, at least she had a funny little scene at the end with Manny & Hayley who threw in a party at their house and Manny was not having fun but he was supervising those kids instead. There's some tension between Jay and Cam's farm papa. Cam's dad thinks that Mitchell is the wife in this relationship which is upsetting Jay and when he comes clear about it they both have this very truthful moemnt when thez admit to each other that even after all those years they're not entirely OK with having gay sons.

    When Luke's 80-year old neighbour slash best friend dies, Claire & Phil stay shocked at how very little emotion their son shows. Claire has a problem with this too, she puts this huge fake creepy smile every time she speaks of death or dead people or when she announced to Luke that his friend Walt passed away. Phil knows that Walt and his daughter were estranged so he was trying to make some forced bond with Alex. And it worked out eventually. Still, these writers can do better. They win all these freakin' awards for God's sakes! ~7/10~