Modern Family

Season 2 Episode 19

The Musical Man

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Apr 13, 2011 on ABC

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    One of the best especially at the end with the WE LOVE THE F WORD bit
  • Cam directs a musical and Jay's brother visits

    A classic Modern Family episode. Cam directing the musical was the perfect choice. He was such a diva (and I mean that in a good way). It was funny how he thought this was a big Broadway production. It was classic sitcom-everything-that-can-go-wrong did go wrong with the play that this episode very funny. My favorite part was the ending of the play when the kids spelled out we love the F word. I also like how much Mitchell tried to support him. It was also the classic Phil screw up and tried to fix the problem. I can't decide where this ranks with his other ones. I liked when Phil explained the messages to Claire. Her reaction was great. She was offended yet liked what was being said (even perverts). I also like the relationship that Jay has with his brother. I think it's what makes the Jay character good, this episode funny and this series great.
  • What's this?

    Well, it had only been months since the last one (excusable for shows I don't watch, not for a show that people actually praise) but we actually had a good episode of Modern Family. They used Cam the right way to tonight and playing up on theater stereotypes was the right way to go.

    The Jay and Donnie scenes were good tonight. Feel good ending and just two old actors having fun out there.

    The Phil and the van stuff was alright too. Not one of Claire's better performances, but a clever situation that the advertisement put them in.

    Good episode Modern Family. I knew you had it in you!
  • Cam works on putting together a musical while Phil creates the worst advertisement ever.

    You gotta love Phil. He's a goofy man with a lot of charm which makes him the most likable character on the show (arguably). This episode, which I would argue is the best since "Chirp" early in the season, is one of the best in awhile because it takes each group of characters and mixes them together in a way that doesn't feel forced and instead makes it all even funnier.

    Phil creates a ridiculous advertisement that, at its best, is a great way to show he's a family man and willing to do his best, and at its worst, is an advertisement that makes his wife and his daughter looks like prostitutes. It was funny enough to see everyone honking their horns at Claire and Haley, with them clueless as to what's going on, but the show doesn't stop there.. nope, instead, we get Phil discovering the truth and trying his hardest to hide the truth from Claire. Alex was on fire tonight as well (I lost it when Haley said, "I'll go home with anybody!" and Alex responded with, "That's what it should say on the side of the van!"

    Cam and Mitch, who have disappointed me the most this season, got a great plot (at least Cam did) where he becomes the new music director for the school. He creates an ambitious plan for the students that is way over their head, and as expected, ends up failing big time. The best part is when instead of "We Love the World" being the message the kids hold up, it ends up saying "We Love The F-Word." Just good writing by the crew here.

    There's an interesting appearance by Jonathan Banks from Breaking Bad, and although it wasn't much of an appearance, it was cool to see him in a comedy show instead of being a hitman of sorts on a drama.

    I was definitely impressed with the show here.. good episode.
  • I almost forgot this show but it was definitely a good episode

    TV dot com(lol yes I am using this as my 100 words) annoys me that the fact you have to write this much for a review.

    Honestly, this was probably one of my favorite Episodes of Modern Family in awhile. Cam and Phil definitely were the strongest parts of this episode. I liked that Cam wasn't a subplot to Mitchell...Usually it is a Mitchell Dominant plot and Cam is usually reacting to whatever the plot is...Gave us role reversals

    I also liked Phil, Claire and Haley's storyline. It starts off with Haley unsure about if College is in her future so what you think is going to be Claire overreacting to this situation, it turns into Claire starting to think of her College days and wondering has she reached her peak and is it all down here from here. Meanwhile, Phil's new source of advertising for real estate makes Claire and the family look like escorts. Now that was funny and a good plot and it also fed into Claire's

    All in all, a great episode of MF
  • A great return.

    After a few weeks off, Mod Fam is back with a great episode. I'm not surprised that is was good (unlike people like TheFanOf). There's a reason why this show is acclaimed, because it IS one of the best comedies on TV, despite the low scores on here (thanks, Trolls). Anyways, the episode focuses on Cam's production of a school musical. Of course, being Cam, he gets a little too into it, and this leads to some funny moments. The musical itself ends up being kind of a mess, which makes for a couple of laugh-out-loud moments. Cam may be an over-the-top character, but he's loveable and is always entertaining. Phil's ad on the side of the minivan is a disaster, as are many things he attempts to do. One of the best moments of the episode was Phil talking to a man he thought was interested in a home, when really he thought he was calling an escort service. I didn't like the Sienna advertisement thrown in there, but at least they work it into the story. We also meet Jay's brother (who is played by the AWESOME Jonathan Banks, who plays Mike in Breaking Bad) and it serves as a more emotional storyline. We get another look into Jay's past and his mentality when it comes with dealing with feelings and family. Overall, it was a very funny episode.
  • Haley: It doesn't matter! I'll go home with anyone! Alex: That's what it should say on the van.

    So yeah, we've got 3 plots

    Cam:Jy He is in charge of the school play and changed the typpical stuff the kids liked to a "trip Around The World" and when seriously overboard with it. Mitch had to get onboard cause Cam noted how he never supports. Then Manny tells him they hate it but he odens't care. On the big premiere, Luke can't get back to the floor and the purple F fel into the wrong place. Jay: his borther is coming to town and Gloria hates how they aren't really close and ocnstantly punc h & prank each other. Jay, trying to bond with him finds out he has cancer, and stops punching & pranking him. Then thbey have some talk and they're back where they started.

    Phil: He covered the family van with a publicity advice for his real-estate busniess, but it kinda got pasted wrong, making it look like a hooker serivce with Claire & Haley. He tried to take it out beofre they found out but faild.

    Overall: Pretty funny episode. All 3 storylu/nes .were engaging and made me laugh some times. 8.5/10.