Modern Family

Season 2 Episode 19

The Musical Man

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Apr 13, 2011 on ABC

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  • Cam works on putting together a musical while Phil creates the worst advertisement ever.

    You gotta love Phil. He's a goofy man with a lot of charm which makes him the most likable character on the show (arguably). This episode, which I would argue is the best since "Chirp" early in the season, is one of the best in awhile because it takes each group of characters and mixes them together in a way that doesn't feel forced and instead makes it all even funnier.

    Phil creates a ridiculous advertisement that, at its best, is a great way to show he's a family man and willing to do his best, and at its worst, is an advertisement that makes his wife and his daughter looks like prostitutes. It was funny enough to see everyone honking their horns at Claire and Haley, with them clueless as to what's going on, but the show doesn't stop there.. nope, instead, we get Phil discovering the truth and trying his hardest to hide the truth from Claire. Alex was on fire tonight as well (I lost it when Haley said, "I'll go home with anybody!" and Alex responded with, "That's what it should say on the side of the van!"

    Cam and Mitch, who have disappointed me the most this season, got a great plot (at least Cam did) where he becomes the new music director for the school. He creates an ambitious plan for the students that is way over their head, and as expected, ends up failing big time. The best part is when instead of "We Love the World" being the message the kids hold up, it ends up saying "We Love The F-Word." Just good writing by the crew here.

    There's an interesting appearance by Jonathan Banks from Breaking Bad, and although it wasn't much of an appearance, it was cool to see him in a comedy show instead of being a hitman of sorts on a drama.

    I was definitely impressed with the show here.. good episode.