Modern Family

Season 2 Episode 1

The Old Wagon

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Sep 22, 2010 on ABC

Episode Recap

The episode opens with Phil attempting to get a bicycle down from the hook in the garage. He struggles with it and falls over against things in the garage. Claire looks at the car that is in the garage and asks why they still have it when it doesn't run. Phil states that it is for Haley. Claire replies that is out of the question because she could fit a mattress in the car, that it is old and she tells Phil that he probably couldn't even sell it. This gives Phil a mission to sell it for a sense of his manhood. Meanwhile, Mitchell and Cameron are sitting around and Cameron is reading an adult book and tells Mitchell if he has to read "Hungry Little Caterpillar" again he is going to snap. They are excited because today they're going to build a princess castle for Lily. Cameron is not thrilled of it because Mitchell is helping and every time that he helps, it is a near-death experience.

At Jay's and Gloria's, Manny is expecting company; a girl named Kelly. Gloria gloats on how Columbian mothers are attached to their children. Kelly comes in and they start to study. Gloria offers Kelly an empanada and she tells that she is trying to watch her Trans-Fats. Manny follows suit and tells that he too is watching his Trans-Fats.

Claire and the rest of the family are cleaning out the car and Luke finds a picture of his mom when she and Phil were younger and says that she is pretty in the picture. He asks what happened and Phil tells that she got older and then Luke clarifies that he meant what happened in the game. They continue to clean, and Claire finds a jar that Luke thought he captured the sunlight in. Alex teases him and Luke claims it is still warm. Phil gets a call from the interested buyer. He can't remember the man's name and then runs through a system that he has to remember names and remembers it as Nick. He is right and he gets off the phone and rubs it in Claire's face that he can sell the car. She runs inside crying and Luke calls her a sore loser. Phil follows her inside and asks what is wrong. She reveals that she is remembering all their memories in the car and it is hard to say goodbye. She wishes she had a time machine to go back and Phil starts to dream about it.

At Cameron's and Mitchell's house, they have everything laid out and Mitchell runs in with the nail gun that goes off and Cameron gets scared. Jay enters and almost gets shot by Mitchell with the nail gun and says that he is there to help. Mitchell is excited and he tells that it will be like that time they built something together. Jay tells that it was his Vietnam and he tells that he went to the real Vietnam too. Manny and Kelly are still studying and Kelly tells Manny to put salt in his chocolate milk to get rid of the flavor and it is really good. Thinking that Gloria will be able to win back Manny, she offers him the regular chocolate milk and the one with salt. He tries the first one with no problem and then tries the salted one. He says that it is really good. Gloria doesn't believe it and tries it. She lies and says it is gross, but in an aside, states that it was delicious. Cameron and Jay are building the castle and Cameron asks where Mitchell is. Jay tells that he put him to putting flags on the spires and that saves them time. They are about to put the roof on and Mitchell comes in and offers to help with a jigsaw in his hand. He spins around and cuts flowers off and almost ruins things. He catches on to what they are trying to do and he leaves for a walk, tripping along the way. Back with Claire and Phil and the rest of the family, Phil leads Claire out to the front yard to show the car. She uncovers the blind fold and sees the car. But on the car is a "Time Machine" poster on it. She is unsure and the kids tell that they don't want to. Claire sees this as an opportunity to spend time with the family and they all pile into the car after Claire kicks the door to be able to open it. At Cameron's and Mitchell's, Cameron and Jay talk in the kitchen and Cameron tells that Mitchell needs to be able to have a part in something and that it is only right that they do give him more to do. Meanwhile, Mitchell is in the backyard putting on the roof of the castle and tells that he wants to have a little part of him in building it too. He puts the roof on but locks himself inside in the processes. Back at Gloria's and Jay's, Manny tells that Kelly invited him to her parent's house and he tells that he is going to wear his blazer. Jay and Cameron go in the backyard and find that Mitchell has locked himself inside. They tell that they are going to get some beers and Cameron tells him to join them. Cameron tells that he is leaving the hammer and screwdriver there. Claire and Phil are with the kids in the station wagon and they are eating fast food. Claire tells Luke to slow down and tells that no one is going to steal his food. He says that he feels sick and they give him a bag, but it smells like onions. Haley steps on Phil's seatbelt and he spits out his milkshake. Claire attempts to help Alex with her window and falls and spills her soda all over her. They finally tell everyone to get out of the car and Luke vomits. The car starts to roll and Phil jumps on the car in the attempt to stop it. It rolls over the cliff. Back with Gloria, Manny comes back dressed in his blazer and he tells that Kelly didn't like it and tells that she ordered for him too. He tells that he broke it off because he wants to spend time with a better girl. Thinking it is her, Gloria is happy. But, Manny calls Alicia and Gloria loses it on him and calls him an animal. Jay comes home and she calls him an animal. Phil tells that he can still sale the car but it will take some good sales techniques and a lot of half truths. He tells that it was going to have to let it go like most things that are small an unimportant. Claire and Phil and the kids are walking home and the kids are talking about what happened and they are happy. That is exactly what they wanted. Cameron goes in the backyard and sees that Lily and Mitchell are inside of it. He tells that she loves it and that they have been in there for 2 hours. Cameron asks if he needs help and Mitchell tells that he would and calls it a death trap.