Modern Family

Season 2 Episode 1

The Old Wagon

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Sep 22, 2010 on ABC

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  • Phil and Clare were best !!!!

    Mitchell,Cam and Jay were about a 6.5.

    Gloria and Manny were 7.5

    Phil and Clare were 9
  • Good episode. Bad season premire.

    This was a pretty good episode. It aired, though, a week too soon. The Kiss should have been the season premire.

    The Claire/Phil plot was really sweet.

    The Cam/Mitchell/Jay plot was funny.

    The Manny/Gloria plot was funy.
  • Season 2 premire

    How do you follow a great season? By doing a great start to Season two. As was common with season one, all three parts were good. I enjoyed Mitchell. Cameron, and Jay part. I think it's funny how Mitchell thinks he is this master builder. It's done in such a way that Mitchell comes off as likeable and not douchey. I also like how Jay and Cameron try to spare his feelings. It's kind of like a classic sitcom. The part with Gloria and Manny was good too. I enjoyed the moment when Manny is trying both ladies milk and both reactions of Gloria and Manny's friend. The Third part with Phil, Claire and the kids may have been the best part. I think it's funny that Phil gets offended that people doesn't think he is a good seller. The way he remembers things like people names is kind of like the way Michael Scott would. Another funny part is how "excited" the kids were for Claire's surprise. It was funny how everything went wrong when the family was in the car and the highlight of the episode.
  • The premiere of season two.

    It should have been funnier for a season premiere. some parts were very slow and too nostalgic. It should have been funnier for a season premiere. some parts were very slow and too nostalgic. It should have been funnier for a season premiere. some parts were very slow and too nostalgic. It should have been funnier for a season premiere. some parts were very slow and too nostalgic. It should have been funnier for a season premiere. some parts were very slow and too nostalgic. It should have been funnier for a season premiere. some parts were very slow and too nostalgic. But still it's good to have modern family back for a second season.
  • Second Season Premiere!

    The emmy award winner for outstanding comedy series returns for a second season. I have been watching since before the pilot episode aired on television! and this show really showed promise and continued to get better and better throughout the season! and the second season opens in just as much quality as it had when it ended.

    What a fantastic hilarious episode.

    I love all these characters and they have outstanding chemistry! The kids are great and make the show. Haley is my favorite of the kids. even though its hard to choose because Manny and Alex have some great lines too, and so does Luke. In the premiere, Phil doesn't want to sell their old station wagon, but Claire does, until she realizes how many great memories they had in it!

    great start to a second season!

  • Best: Gloria adding salt to the chocolate milk when Manny left.

    Okay, so as there where 3 storylines, I'll review them separately:

    Dunphy storyline: So Claire wants to sell the old car, and Phil find a buyer, but while cleaning it, she gets a blast from the past and starts to have 2nd thoughs. the family gives her a usual day of the old times eating fast food on a cliff, when they realise they are too old to fitr in the car and leave. But the car then starts to fall and it desrtorys itself.

    Mitchell storyline: So Mitch, Cam & Jay asre building a princess castle for Lilly, and Cam & Jay try to keep Mitchell away cause he sucks with tools. But to prove them wrong, mithc installs the roof......locking himslef in the princess home.

    Gloria-Manny storline: So Manny brings a girl over to help with homework and stuff and she is changing Manny much to Gloria's chargin' and then Manny is fed up with her and returns to gloria, who will never change him.

    Overall: Great season premiere. 8.5/10.
  • A great return for the best comedy winner

    Following its win for Best Comedy at the Emmys, Modern Family returns for its second season and succeeds at reminding us why we loved the show so much in the first place. We get three solid plots and some great moments from every character (yes, even the children have some good lines). Some people may find it hard to get into the mockumentary style of the show, but for me, the show hasn't tried to be too serious with it and doesn't let it dictate the entire show or limit what the characters can do.

    The premiere revolves mainly around the Dunphy's and their attempts to sell their old station wagon. Phil is excited at the idea of selling something and proving Claire he can do it well, while Claire begins to have doubts about selling the car, especially when so many memories are attached to it. With Mitch and Cam, they attempt to build a "princess castle" for Lily (with a little help from Jay). We get an idea of how incompetent Mitch is with tools and how hilarious it is to watch Cam and Jay hide in fear from him. Perhaps the least interesting plot (but still entertaining) was the one with Gloria and Manny. Manny meets a girl who he likes and begins to ditch his mother to hang out with her. Gloria becomes annoyed with this and attempts to keep him with her.

    The general theme of the episode was how hard it is to let some things go, and each of the plots did a good job of fitting that theme. The funniest scenes were found with Phil and Claire, as well as Mitch, Cam and Jay. Watching Mitch swing a drill around while it was running, cutting the flowers from their stems and seeing Cam and Jay wincing every time he walked near them was hilarious and the acting was pitch-perfect between all three of them. I also thought it was funny how Cam joked that him and Mitchell met at an orgy. As for the Dunphy's, Ty Burrell continues to prove he's great at physical comedy as well as deadpan. I have a feeling he'll always have that Michael Scott sense of goofiness, but unlike Scott, he comes across as an over-eager dad instead of someone who's incompetent.

    The show still has its corny episode ending music, and has at least one character narrating about how they learned their lesson, and while I'm not the biggest fan of this, it seems to work. Either way, there's just too much to love about the show to ignore it or at least not give a chance.
  • 201

    Modern Family was the biggest success story of last year. The throwback to the family comedies from the 1980's catapulted into America's hearts and ended up dethroning 30 Rock as the Emmy winner for Outstanding Comedy Series (did it deserve it? No, but that's a different story.)

    And the show built off that momentum with a strong season premiere that featured three enjoyable storylines. Phil and Claire were clashing over an old family car, and in the end realized the only thing that was truly special was everyone being together. There was a sweet moment here when the family was walking back home after the car fell off the cliff and the kids mocked their mother saying, "What's the plan, Phil?" Great moment there.

    You also had some enjoyable humor with Cam and Mitchell clashing over building a toy house for their daughter and Gloria trying to protect her son as well.

    Definitely a good start to the show. Not as funny as some other comedies out there, but Modern Family is definitely one of the best written shows on television.
  • Phil and Claire go down memory lane, Manny discovers what a little salt can do and Mitchell tries to prove he isn't a total klutz (and fails miserably).

    Modern Family's second season premiere felt a little rushed, with too many stories to be properly fleshed out and every household living on it's own island, without real interaction (expect Jay's useless cameo at the Princess Castle - no, not their house, just Lilly's playhouse).

    While the Dunphy's had a decent story and it was entertaining enough, it soon fell into predictability with Claire not wanting to get rid of the car, Luke being moronic and the girls just being there to be bratty. We got a nice tender moment between Claire and Phil and there were some good laughs, including Phil's worthless attempt to stop the car from running down the hill, so it still was entertaining enough.

    Mitchell's attempt to build a playhouse for baby Lilly probably suffered the most from lack of screentime. The throwback to Mitchell's fobia for birds was great, but I would've liked to see him wrestling his way through the building manual instead of Cameron getting his 'champagne dijon' out of the fridge. Ed O'Neill was shamelessly underused in this episode too, but I guess you can only have a bit of everything in those 20 minutes.

    Manny's new girlfriend and the following story was something we've seen a thousand times before and, besides Gloria's final outburst a total waste of time. Entertaining enough? Sure, but I would've liked to see them go a little further in it, instead of keeping it so safe it might as well be airing on Nickelodeon.

    As usual, Phil was the highlight of the episode for me, and it was a decent premiere. However, now that the novelty has worn off and the show's entering the second season, they should really start to think of things to keep the show fresh and perhaps be a little more daring. One of those things might be combining two households now and then, just to do the story justice.