Modern Family

Season 2 Episode 24

The One That Got Away

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 25, 2011 on ABC
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Episode Summary

The entire family scrambles to plan a big party for Jay's birthday, and in the process Phil runs into his college nemesis and Cam gets into trouble at a bakery.

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  • Good but not as good as the one before.

    But almost there
  • Season 2 Finale

    For the second straight year, the season ended on with Jay's birthday. It was classic anything-that-go-wrong-will-go-wrong and very funny. The best part might have been when Cameron was talking to Manny, telling him what to do with his friend. I also liked how Clare and Mitchell tried to recreate a childhood moment only to fail. I thought it was funny when Jay picked them up and they were acting like kids. Another good part was with Phil and Gloria. Phil has always had small crush on her and this episode, I think it goes away for good. I liked how he tried to get his old friend jealous and enjoyed it even better when he realized how lucky he is with Claire. Another funny thing was the video. If you watched the whole series to this point, you would appreciate it more. The ending was great. It made u look forward to Season 3. What Manny did for Jay was great and too sappy.moreless
  • I know that most of you probably thought that this was an extremely dissapointing episode, but what was special to me about this episode was the little hints from past episodes.moreless

    I truly enjoyed all those small hints from past episodes, such as the salty hot chocolate that Manny was so obsessed with in the first ever episode of the season, the things that Gloria finds in the drawer that links to other past episodes (such as the bebe gun from Manny get your gun), to the video clip of course.

     I thought that this added an extremely nice touch to the episode, that instead of making Gloria find random, irrelevant things in the drawer, she finds all those items. Or instead of showing random video clips, they showed clips from a whole range of past episodes.

    This is what makes this a truly special season finale, something that I haven't seem much of in other shows. Overall, a great way to end the season, albeit a simple storyline. This episode definitely deserves to be rated much higher that it is right now.moreless
  • Wasn't impressed

    This is the first episode of MF that i have watched where I was not impressed nor amused at all.

    There was nothing funny about this episode at all. Manny's part at the end was the best part of the episode.

    Claire & Mitchell:

    They rarely get stories together and usually they are good but this was pretty boring. They wanted to recreate a childhood picture, go to their old home and get trapped by a dog.

    The only semi interesting part was when they were talking about Manny being in Jay's will


    His plot was the one thing that COULD have been funny but it wasn't. It would have been funnier had they focused more on this story more than phil's.

    Phil(and Gloria):

    I don't get this one at all. He runs into an old college/high school bud who gave him a hard time and phil pretends Gloria is his wife in order to make the guy jeakous :)

    But he realizes the guy was always jealous of him and Claire and realizes how wrong he was with GLoria

    The video was cute with past memories of the other episode and Manny's gift to jay was cute.

    But this was really weak.moreless
  • A great tribute to its own season.

    Forget the medium side-plots of Jay wanting to go fishing, everybody preparing presents, Phil facing an old frenemy and Manny having girl troubles, this episode was a tribute to a wonderful season. Nostalgic, funny and characteristic.

    Seeing video fragments all filmed during crucial, memorable moments in the season was a smart way to revisit former highlights. But the best part comes from how all of these characters have grown. Manny now thinks of Jay instantly when he needs a dad, Jay only remembers becoming cranky when things go south and Phil finally lets go of his preference for Gloria. It all happened in such fashion that it doesn't feel rushed or forced, instead it's extremely normal and realistic. There's no greater pay off for fans than to see progress characters make become normal. Aside from that the episode featured lovely pairings of Claire and Mitchell, Jay and Cam, the Dunphy kids and of course Phil and Gloria. But most of all a welcome and natural development of Mitchell and Cam wanting another kid. A lovely way to remember the season and a wonderful series.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (3)

    • At the beginning of the episode, the television in the backround the tv was playing the commercial Lily filmed in Chirp.

    • When Gloria is looking through the kitchen drawer for birthday candles, everything she finds in there is from previous episodes:
      • The keys that she lost -- she even says "I've been looking for these!" -- and the BB gun from Manny Get Your Gun
      • The "Baby Jesus" from Halloween
      • The Froot Loop Necklace from Mother's Day

    • Almost all of the video segments in the home video reference past episodes:
      - Haley is wearing her cat costume from Halloween
      - Gloria is aggravated over the barking dog next door from Unplugged
      - Mitchell is rehearsing for the flash mob he joined in Manny Get Your Gun
      - Phil is preparing for his Valentine's date from Bixby's Back
      - Cam is dressing up as Fizbo for Lily's birthday party in Princess Party
      - Claire is carrying one of the signs she was posting around the neighborhood in Slow Down Your Neighbors
      - Luke was wearing the space helmet he wore in the episode Chirp, and you can hear the smoke alarm

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  • NOTES (3)

    • When he offers to help edit their video, Luke tells his sisters that he needs some hot chocolate "with extra salt". This is a reference to The Old Wagon, in which Manny's study date argued with Gloria over putting salt in her hot chocolate.

    • Product Placement:
      Crumbs Bake Shop.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: May 25, 2011 on Citytv
      United Kingdom: June 3, 2011 on Sky1/Sky1 HD
      Czech Republic: July 13, 2011 on HBO Comedy
      Finland: March 1, 2012 on MTV3
      Sweden: April 27, 2012 on TV4