Modern Family

Season 2 Episode 24

The One That Got Away

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 25, 2011 on ABC

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  • Wasn't impressed

    This is the first episode of MF that i have watched where I was not impressed nor amused at all.

    There was nothing funny about this episode at all. Manny's part at the end was the best part of the episode.

    Claire & Mitchell:

    They rarely get stories together and usually they are good but this was pretty boring. They wanted to recreate a childhood picture, go to their old home and get trapped by a dog.

    The only semi interesting part was when they were talking about Manny being in Jay's will

    His plot was the one thing that COULD have been funny but it wasn't. It would have been funnier had they focused more on this story more than phil's.

    Phil(and Gloria):
    I don't get this one at all. He runs into an old college/high school bud who gave him a hard time and phil pretends Gloria is his wife in order to make the guy jeakous :)

    But he realizes the guy was always jealous of him and Claire and realizes how wrong he was with GLoria

    The video was cute with past memories of the other episode and Manny's gift to jay was cute.

    But this was really weak.