Modern Family

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 20, 2010 on ABC

Episode Recap

The scene opens with Jay and Gloria in bed and Manny comes in and says that the dog next door kept him up all night and that it won't stop. Gloria agrees with him and Jay tells that he didn't hear anything. Gloria tells that Jay has old man ears and that is why he did not hear anything. Gloria gets out of bed to stop the dog. At Claire and Phil's, everyone is around the table playing with their blackberrys and laptops and Claire tells everyone to detach, but Phil is not supportive of it either. Meanwhile, Mitchell comes in and tells that all the children that Lily plays with at the park are gone and that one of the mothers told him that they are in preschool. Felling like they are behind, they call Claire and ask what the best preschool is. She mentions that they can get her in the preschool that her kids went too and Mitchell asks about a fancy preschool and tells that the only way they can get in there is if they know someone on the board. She tells that he kids didn't go to a fancy preschool and they are fine. Just then Luke is playing a game and eating his cereal without his hands. Claire turns to Phil for some support and Phil likes Luke's idea.

Gloria goes next door and meets Larry and tells that the dog doesn't stop barking and he tells that the dog belongs to his ex-wife and that she is never going to come and get it. He tells that he never said a word to her about their annoying parrot. The actual parrot is Gloria shouting Jay's name. Claire and Phil decide to get the kids and themselves unplugged from video games, internet, and cell phones for a week. The winner will get a prize. Alex asks for a new computer, Luke asks for Chicken Pot Pie, and Haley asks for a car. Phil agrees to all the requests, but Claire doesn't. The game is on. Meanwhile, Mitchell and Cameron meet are going to meet the director of the Wagon Wheel preschool and the assistant tells that they could get into anywhere because they are a gay couple with an Asian baby. Mitchell starts to see possibilities. Larry comes over to Gloria and Jay's and asks where the dog is. Gloria tells that he should have taken better care of him and Larry tells that he was chained up. Gloria tells that she didn't do anything to the dog, but Jay doesn't believe her. He tells that he saw Gloria kill a rate without thinking about it and then leave the head as a reminder for other rats as she goes off to church.

At Claire and Phil's, it has been 24 hours since they had technology in the house and the kids are using their imaginations. Luke gets a call from his friend and there is a new video on YouTube. He tells that he is out of the game. Alex comes in and tells that she got a B on her paper because of the fact that the books that they have are out of date. She caves and tells that she needs the internet. Haley looks at Claire and Phil and says, "And then there were three". Phil is scared. Jay talks to Manny about his mother's killing tendencies and he tells that he doesn't know. He is drinking espresso and his hand is shaking. Manny admits that he might have a problem. At Mitchell and Cameron's, Mitchell is on the phone with Claire who tells that Wagon Wheel wants them and Mitchell tells that they have an interview with Billingsley Academy. Cameron tells that he liked Wagon Wheel and Mitchell tells that Billingsley is the "Harvard" of preschools. Meanwhile, Jay goes in the garage and looks at the shovel to search for dog parts and Manny tells that Jay has got him wondering. Gloria catches Manny and him looking.

They go inside and Gloria tells that she gave it to a farm of her cousin and he is happy now. Jay tells that she can't steal a dog in America and in Columbia they can. Gloria is insulted and Jay tries to apologize. Back at Claire and Phil's, Claire is trying to verify their plane tickets and the landline is not working for her. She turns on the computer and Phil and Haley catch her. Mitchell and Cameron go to their appointment at Billingsley Academy and a single mother with a black baby comes in followed by a lesbian paraplegic and a black baby. They feel they are beaten already. Phil sees that his Fantasy Football league needs to be changed and he needs the internet, but Claire tells that they can't lose because they are not buying Haley a car. They hear Haley talking upstairs and she is alone. They walk in on her and she is on her phone. Phil says that he won and immediately goes on the internet and changes the league. However, Haley shows that her "cell phone" is actually a bar of soap she carved to look like a cell phone. At the interview, Cameron talks in an Indian accent to try to make them different from the lesbian couple and Mitchell begs him to stop. They leave. Back at Claire and Phil's, they tell Haley that she is not getting a car because they can't afford it. She is devastated. Cameron and Mitchell ask Claire if they can still get in Wagon Wheel Preschool because they blew the interview. The show ends with Jay getting Gloria tickets to Columbia so that he can see her village. She is happy but tells that she is not going to show Jay her village. They show clips from Cameron and Mitchell's interview at Billingsley and it gets worse with every word Cameron speaks.
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