Modern Family

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 20, 2010 on ABC

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  • 2 of the familys were good.

    Mitch and cam were just forgettable

    Phil and Clare was good.

    I think Gloria was the Highlight comedy actor here though
  • Pretty Good

    The Dunphey plot:

    Pretty good. I love at the end when they are talking to Haley and they're all like "bad parenting. bad, bad parenting"

    The Jay/Gloria plot:

    Entertaining but not the funniest.

    The Mitchell/Cam plot:

    Cam as an Indian...
  • Phil, Claire and the kids go (try) to go without electronics

    This was one of the better episodes of this season. The beginning shot of the episode was funny and probably not far off from most homes. The shot of Luke was the best. The last person to win the competition was someone who you would not expect. I loved how the parents justified or tried to their bad decision at the end of the episode. The story with Gloria, Manny and Jay was good but not as god as the other two. It was funny when Jay was in the garage and Gloria. The way Gloria acted like that was great. The third storyline with Cameron and Mitchell was very funny. One of the things I like that I like about Mitchell and Cameron always try be this normal couple. This time they try to this to their advantage. Their reaction while at Billingsley was priceless. Just a great episode from top to bottom.
  • Oh Haley, you didn't get your car...

    Okay, 3 plots:

    Dunphy storyline: Phil & Claire decide to make a competition with the kids to avoid technology. But as the kids don't like the idea, Phil accidentally promises them gifts if they win. So Luke falls first, then Alex, and then Claire. So it's Haley againt Phil. Then, Phil & Claire catch Haley talking on her phone and Phil, thinking he won, goes online. Turns out Haley was faking a conversation using a soap painted in black, and she didn't get the car Phil promised.

    Lilly story: So Clarie arranges Mithcell & Cameron to go to Wheel Wagon and then the receptionist tells her that 2 guy parents with an asian kid can get wherever they want cause schools like to brag about their diversity, so they try a much expensive school. But they lose againt interracial women life partners (one is in a wheelchair) with an african american baby.

    Dog story: Manny can't sleep because of a dog barking at night and Gloria yells at the neighbour. The next day the neighbor comes complaining his dog disapeared and turns out Gloria gave it to a family in the countryside.

    Overall: Awesome. I loved the twist in the Dunphy storyline. 10/10.
  • 205

    Okay, so Modern Family was actually really funny tonight. It is a rarity when my score is higher than the average score on, but this episode deserved every bit of my 7.5/10. Julie Bowen is really crafting out her niche on this show. I know some people criticized her at first, but she is just so relatable as I can completely see my mom acting like this. And of course Ty Burrell hits it out of the park again as Phil Dunphy.

    Just a funny episode all around even if they clearly stole some stuff from "The Contest" episode of Seinfeld.
  • Phil and Claire continue to be hilarious.

    Another funny episode of Modern Family here, and more proof that Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen seem to have found the roles of a lifetime here. Together, Mr. and Mrs. Dunphy make one of TV's greatest couples and tonight's episode was more proof of that. Fortunately, there were some other decent plots involving the other families.

    The name of the episode comes from a bet that Phil and Claire makes with the family: the person to go without technology the longest wins. Phil offers rewards to the children that he clearly will not be able to live up to (a car for Haley? a new computer for Alex? Crazy.) Their attempts to win the bet doesn't necessarily have any big laughs throughout, but it leads to an awesome conclusion. And I have to say, Luke's attempts to find fun outside of technology lead to some ridiculous stuff. Haley ends up winning in the end, and it was well-deserved. I mean, she must've wanted a car pretty bad to spend her day whittling a fake cell phone out of a bar of soap and black crayons.

    Mitch and Cameron also had a pretty good plot involving them trying to get Lily into a pre-school. A woman at the public preschool tells them they would have a good chance of getting into the prestigious preschools because they are a gay couple with an Asian baby. As a result, they sign up for an interview at the biggest pre-school, and the end result is hilarious. If you want to see Cameron talk in a fake Native American voice and say the word "maize" a lot, look no further! It's a testament to the power of the show that these characters can act so dumb and still be so endlessly likable.

    I didn't expect to like Jay and Gloria's plot, but I have to admit... I was impressed. There were some AMAZING jokes in this section, including one that had me laughing for quite awhile afterward: the neighbor mistaking Gloria's yelling for a parrot. The quick cuts of her yelling "JAY!" was perfect. I also liked her killing of the rat outside and Jay and Manny's fear of Gloria. And I must admit, seeing Manny drinking tea and reading Ernest Hemingway was perfect. He's an odd boy, but still fun to watch.

    The show continues to be impressive and I hope the show can continue its streak of great episodes.
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