Modern Family

Season 1 Episode 11

Up All Night

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 06, 2010 on ABC
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Episode Summary

With the arrival of Javier, Manny's unreliable father, there is tension between Gloria and Jay because of Jay's reaction towards his visit. Meanwhile, Claire has to rely on a sexy fireman in order to help Phil get to the hospital, which is due to his painful kidney stones. Elsewhere, Lily is being sleep-trained by Mitchell and Cameron, which is becoming more troublesome than they expected.moreless

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  • I found Clare and Phils scene to be rushed.

    And Gloria wasn't really included yet again.
  • F. U. N. N. Y.

    The joke about the hot, gay fireman was hilarious!!!!!

    It's hard to stop laughing in this episode!
  • Manny's father comes to visit

    This was the first appearance of Manny's father. It was good to see him. You can see why partly Gloria is the way she is. You can see how he manipulates people even Jay. While he is good at this, he makes him likeable. One of the best parts were at the end was when Jay was waiting for Manny's dad, and Gloria and Manny cheering him up. The second part of the story was good too. I enjoyed seeing Claire get dressed up for the firemen. It was funny Phil reacting to his kidney stones. It was kind of like how Michael Scott reacts. I also liked the part when Claire wheels out Phil out of the hospital. The third part with Cameron and Mitchell was funny too. It was a sight to see Mitchell treat Cameron like a bear and trying to stop him from comforting Lilly. It was also funny to see the firemen carrying Mitchell out of the house. This was a bottom to top good story.moreless
  • Up all night

    Benjamin Bratt guest starred tonight in an above average episode of Modern Family. Things got a little too serious at times with the conversations between Jay and him over Manny (Jay hated Manny just a few weeks ago) but their scenes did have some points that were worth watching.

    Phil's behavior was great here. You could totally see his character overreacting and exaggerating an injury like this.

    I think this is what Modern Family does best. Making simple storylines funny. When they go too far over the top is when they lose me and the episode just flops as a whole.moreless
  • Modern Family returns!

    I'm glad Modern Family is back. The last couple episodes of the show before the winter hiatus didn't have the same exciting feel to me as the earlier ones, but this episode was excellent. The inclusion of Benjamin Bratt was perfect and he never overdid his guest performance, instead playing the character of Javier pretty mellow.

    The episode worked great as a whole, showing all three sides of the family dealing with staying up all night, whether it was because of kidney stones, using a Furber method to help a child cry itself to sleep instead of relying on parents or going to a baseball stadium to practice hitting curveballs. Each episode stood out on their own and lead to some hilarious scenes. I loved the way Mitchell and Cameron's storyline connected with the firemen from Phil's. And Phil's attempt to get Claire to admit to dressing up to impress the firemen? Classic.

    Even the children, who usually are pretty lackluster in the show compared to the other actors, did a great job this episode. Each and every one, including Luke, who continually made me laugh with his "talking back/talking black" routine.

    Just a great episode overall of Modern Family and a good return.moreless

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