Modern Family

Season 3 Episode 16

Virgin Territory

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 22, 2012 on ABC

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  • Phil is heartbroken when Alex "spills the beans" about Haley losing her virginity

    Jay finds out Mitchell ruined his greatest golf moment. While on the way to fix Lily's doll, Alex spills a surprising secret about Haley to Phil, leaving him heartbroken, while Gloria discovers a secret of Claire's. Cam's desperate to get everyone out of the house so he can investigate an issue and prove Claire wrong, and Luke helps Manny to impress a girl he likes. I thought that this was a superb episode of "Modern Family". While the episode doesn't have a lot of funny parts, I do feel like all of the storylines in this episode were strong and well written. The ending to the Phil/Haley plot with Phil forgiving Haley about her losing her virginity was heartwarming and nice. The plot with Gloria trying to find out where Claire is going was pretty funny to watch. As for the Manny/Luke plot, the most hilarious part in the plot was Manny in car... you have to watch that part to see why but that part sure cracked me up. Overall, this episode wasn't too strong with humor but it was strong with the storylines and that's good enough for me to be entertained by this show. 9/10