Modern Family

Season 3 Episode 2

When Good Kids Go Bad

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Sep 21, 2011 on ABC

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  • Lily is halerious.

    Infact all the families were funny apart that Jay was a bit missed but Gloria was funny
  • You Can't Not Laugh!

    "My daddy" "I wanna kill the baby". Here we really meet Lily.

    It was also an amazing topic with how people act certain ways because of their parents.

  • WAY better and funnier than "Dude Ranch"


    After that disappointing Season 3 Premiere "Dude Ranch", we get a second episode of "Modern Family" that is part of the two brand new episodes to start off Season 3. This episode definitely gave me a whole lot more laughs than "Dude Rance". My score was just a tad low because the Cam/Mitch storyline was a tiny bit boring in my opinion. the other plots are interesting and fantastic. My favorite plot is definitely the Manny/Gloria/Jay plot. Jay talking to Manny and forcing him to confess on what Manny has in his mind made me laugh very hard. Gloria talking on the phone was pretty funny also. Manny turning bad by stealing something from the girl's locker was very funny. I also laughed very hard when Manny and Gloria went to Manny's school and then Gloria opens the girl's locker and puts the bracelet (at least I think it was) back in her locker. Haley and Alex fighting about getting their own separate rooms by convincing Luke to have his own room in the attic was very interesting. I also got a good laugh at the very ending when Cam and Mitch told everyone about them adopting a new baby and then when Manny confessed to Jay about him and Gloria at Manny's school and then Jay saying "Aha, I was right" definitely gave me a very good laugh. Overall, an excellent episode of "Modern Family". 9.5/10

  • Phil knocks Claire over, Lily causes problems at Mitch and Cam's house while Luke moves to the attic.


    For me, this is more like it! This episode was another breath of fresh air from Modern Family, an example of the show firing on all cylinders. I've heard some people say this episode wasn't as good as the premiere, but for me, this episode was funnier, tied together better and gave us better work from some of the actors.

    The episode is mainly about Mitch and Cam planning to announce their intentions of adopting a new boy. Modern Family is one of those shows that doesn't exactly have season-long plot points, but I'm glad to see the writers trying right now. Anyways, the problem with the adoption is that Lily (who is now a walking, talking girl, which makes for some great new scenarios for them) doesn't want a new brother and says things like "Kill the new baby" that scares any parent that may think about giving their kid to Mitch and Cam. Mitch and Cam both have very different ideas of where Lily is picking up the bad habit, and much of the fun in the episode is trying to figure it out.

    Meanwhile, Phil accidentally knocks Claire over at a grocery store and denies that it was his fault. She ends up going on a vendetta to prove Phil did this, which makes the Dunphy family wonder why in the world Claire is so obsessed with always being right. There's other plots involving the kids, but it's not as important.

    What worked so well about the episode is how Mitch and Cam and Phil and Claire's plots all tied together and we were left, as usual, with that good warm fuzzy feeling that Modern Family leaves you with. For me, this episode had funnier lines and great use of Lily, who seems to be giving us some funnier scenes to work with now that she can talk.

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