Modern Marvels

Season 9 Episode 16

Axes, Swords and Knives

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 07, 2002 on The History Channel



  • Notes

    • Writer: Matthew P. Hickey
      Producer: Matthew P. Hickey
      Line Producer: Paul Dzilvelis
      Narrator: Max Raphael
      Editor: Sven Nilsson
      Producer: Bruce Nash
      Creator: Bruce Nash
      Music: Guy Thomas
      Production Manager: Kathlene Exner
      Post Producer: Scott Berkson
      Clearance Supervisor: Katie Del Core
      Director of Research: Hildie Katibah
      Archivist: Nilda Pergola-Jensen
      Researcher: Diane Wai
      Clearance Assistant: Gabe Martinez
      Historical Consultant: Paul Champagne
      Footage Consultant: Ted Troll
      Post Production Supervisor: Jason Steinberg
      Post Production Coordinator: Gary Reid
      Post Production Assistant: Montgomery Jesselton Kingsley
      Camera: Carlos Montaner
      Camera: George Odell
      Camera: Jesse Phinney
      Field Audio: David S. Wason
      Online Editor: David Rex
      Sound Mixer: Paul Ray
      Animation: Song Design, INC
      Animation: Rick Orner
      Graphics: Barry Hill
      Production Auditor: Dani Eslin
      Assistant Production Accountant: Linda Scribner
      Assistant Production Accountant: Dennis Luciani
      Production Coordinator: Michael Z Davis
      Assistant Production Coordinator: James Wiser
      Production Assistant: Rasi Delgado

      Special Thanks:
      Cornelius H. Barnes
      Paul Barrick
      Jeff Basham
      Alex Bildeaux, Sr.
      CHB Combative Arts
      Diane & Paul Hickey
      Bruce Jones
      Mel Lentz
      Dan Maragni
      Museum Replicas Limited
      Walter Nelson
      Alex Steenhuyse

      Executive Producer: Beth Dietrich-Segarra
      Produced by Actuality Productions

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