Modern Marvels

Season 9 Episode 19

Big Rigs of Combat: Tanks/Jeeps

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 02, 2002 on The History Channel
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Big Rigs of Combat: Tanks/Jeeps
The rousing story of the tank, from its primitive appearance in WWI to the high-tech world of modern tank warfare, with emphasis on the tank's Golden Age during WWII. In the second hour, we'll look at the American soldier's best friend in WWII--the Jeep. A "Blitz Buggy" could serve as a combat car, snowplow, or ambulance!moreless
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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (9)

      • Goof: The T-34 was originally equipped with a 76.2mm L-11 or F-34. The 85mm D-5T and S-53 came much later in the war.

      • During the 1930s, the Marmon-Herrington Company converted 1 1/2 ton trucks to 4x4s.

        While they were never called a jeep, these conversions were later considered the "Granddaddy" of all jeeps.

      • CJ-2A was the first civilian jeep vehicle. First manufactured in 1945, Willys marketed the jeep as a work vehicle for farmers and construction workers.

      • "Eugene the Jeep," a character from the well-known "Popeye" comic is said to be a source of inspiration for the name of the Army's Jeep.

        Eugene was the size of a small dog, solved complex problems, and could travel between dimensions.

      • "Hail to the Jeep," by A. Wade Wells, is one of the original books written on the jeep.

        Published in 1946, Wells writes: "From every corner of the globe, from every fighting ally-in-arms, the cry went up: 'Send us more Jeeps.'"

      • Using its Thermal Imaging Sight, an Abrams M1 can lock on to an enemy tank by sensing the heat from its exhaust.

      • The German WWI tank, the AV7, was made by the Daimler Company, the present-day maker of Mercedes Benz and Chrysler Automobiles.

      • British Mark IV tanks were outfitted with crude radios in which they used Morse code to communicate.

      • The Germans, who had no effective tanks in WWI, would capture British tanks in battle and paint on the Iron Cross.

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    • NOTES (2)

      • General Donn Starry
        Former Commander U.S. Army TRADOC

        John M. Purdy
        Director of the Patton Museum

        Adolph Hitler (Archival Footage)

        FDR (Archival Footage)

        Donald R. Burgett
        Sergeant 101st Airborne Division

        John A. Whitehill
        Captian of Company A, 37th Tank Battalion

        General John Abrams
        Son of General Creighton W. Abrams
        Commanding General, U.S. Army TRADOC

        Gen Norman Schwarzkopf (Archival Footage)

        Dan Janquitto
        National Guard Militia Museum, Historian

        David P. Colley
        Author, "The Road to Victory"

        Todd Eberhard
        Private Hummer Owner

        Arnold Schwarzenegger (Archival Photo)

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      • This was a two hour episode.

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