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Season 12 Episode 36

Cowboy Tech

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 20, 2005 on The History Channel
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Cowboy Tech
Today's cowboy plants one boot firmly in the traditions of the Old West and the other in the world of modern technology. Beginning in the 19th century, the era in which the American cattle industry boomed, we examine cowboy technology. Learn how North American cowboys converted saddles, ropes, spurs, and other equipment originally developed by the Spanish, into tools of the trade perfectly suited for the developing cattle industry. And see how the invention of barbed wire revolutionized the cowboy's world. Step into the 21st century with today's cowboys who use computer chips, retinal scans, DNA evidence to round up cattle rustlers, and high-tech digital-imaging devices to aid in shoeing horses...and ride ATVs as often as their horses. In the world of rodeo, witness today's cowboys as they utilize advanced theories of genetics and artificial insemination in an attempt to breed the perfect bucking bull.moreless
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    • TRIVIA (4)

      • "Bodacious" -considered the "World's Most Dangerous Bull" - was ridden for the full 8 seconds only 8 times in 135 attempts. He was so feared that he was retired in 1995, to protect the riders.

      • The Winchester Model 1873 rifle was so popular that it was kept in production until 1923. More than 720,000 of the firearms were manufactured.

      • During the 1880's. the 3 million acre XIT Ranch in Texas was the largest in the West. It employed 150 cowboys, who herded more that 150,000 head of cattle.

      • Between 1867 and 1881, cowboys drove more than 4 million head of cattle from Texas to railheads in the North.

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    • NOTES (1)

      • Charley Ward
        Trick Roper, Ward Ranch

        Charles P. Schroeder
        Director, National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum

        Tim O'Byrne
        Author "Cowboy and Buckaroos: Western Horsemen"

        Don Reeves
        Curator, National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum

        John David Rule
        Saddlemaker, National Saddlery Co.

        Ron R. Foland, DVM
        Veterinarian, Wagonhound Land & Livestock

        Matt Johnston
        General Manager, Wagonhound Land & Livestock

        Cleon Kimberling, DVM
        Colorado State University

        Bernard E. Rollin, DVM
        Colorado State University

        Bruce Golden, DVM
        CEO/Co-Founder, Optibrand Ltd.

        Jim Yager
        World Fast Draw Specialist

        Tom Ward
        Old West Historian, Ward Ranch

        Joe Merrick
        Executive Director, American Bucking Bull Inc.

        Scott Pickens
        Regional Director, American Bucking Bull Inc.

        Jim Bob Nall
        President, CEO, Great Plains Breeder Service

        Bill Beaty
        Owner, Rockin' & Bucking Machines Inc

        Tom Caywood
        Trainer, Sierra Ranch Performance Horses

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        Special Thanks:
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        Supervising Producer: Doug Gordon
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