Modern Marvels

Season 11 Episode 66

Engineering Disasters 15

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 08, 2004 on The History Channel
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Engineering Disasters 15
A series of construction errors causes a devastating flood that brings Chicago to a standstill. A deadly accident traps hundreds in a smoke-filled Alpine tunnel, with no ventilation. Three boilers explode on a Mississippi riverboat resulting in thousands of deaths and earning the disaster the title of the worst in maritime history. Two buildings, halfway around the world from each other, collapse from the same type of shoddy construction methods--14 years apart. And a cockpit warning system malfunctions, causing a fiery, fatal crash before the jetliner ever takes off. We interview design and construction experts as we investigate what went wrong. And we talk with rescue personnel, eyewitnesses, and victims as we visit the tragedies' sites to see what improvements have been implemented to insure against these kinds of disasters.moreless
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      • Ray Orozco
        Fire Commissioner, Chicago (Ret.)

        David R. Anderson
        Former City Employee

        Gene Gorczynski
        Operating Engineer, Marshall Field's

        Bruce G. Moffat
        Author, "Forty Feet Below"

        Miguel D'Escoto
        Transportation Commissioner, Chicago

        Dr. Piotr Moncarz, PE
        Principal Engineer, Exponent

        Mayor Richard Daley (archival footage)

        Dr. Paul Johnston, PE
        Structural Engineer, Exponent

        Richard Adams
        Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company

        Holly Schmidt
        Operations Manager, Marshall Field's

        Joseph Jacobazzi
        U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Ret.)

        Thomas J. Wysockey
        Thatcher Engineering Corp.

        Nicholas Carino, PhD
        Researcher Structural Engineer, NIST

        H.S. Lew, PhD
        Senior Research Engineer, NIST

        Charles Charleston
        DFW Intl. Airport Public Safety (Ret.)

        Alan Black
        Fire Chief, DFW International Airport

        Bob Besco, PhD
        Pilot, American Airlines (Ret.)

        Dr. Lee V. Dickinson, PE
        Civil Engineer, Exponent

        Jerry O. Potter
        Author, "The Sultana Tragedy"

        Gene Eric Salecker
        Author, "Disaster on the Mississippi"

        Trey Giuntini
        General Manager, Mud Island River Park

        Jerry Hay
        Riverlorian, Delta Queen Steamboat Co.

        Tadeuz Kornecki
        Chief Engineer, Delta Queen Steamboat

        David Markland
        Descendant of Victim

        James Markland
        Descendant of Victim

        Walter Steiner
        Plant Manager, Gotthard Road Tunnel

        Andreas Henke
        Chief Engineer, Lombardi Engineering

        Cmdr. August Husner
        Gotthard Rescue Forces

        Matthias Neuenschwander
        Chief Engineer, Lombardi Engineering

        Executive Producer: Don Cambou
        Writer: Joanne Fish
        Producer: Joanne Fish
        Line Producer: Paul Dzilvelis
        Associate Producer: Sean Heckman
        Editor: Motoshi Wakabayashi
        Narrator: Max Raphael
        Music: Alan Ett Music Group
        Producer: Bruce Nash
        Creator: Bruce Nash
        Production Manager: Shelia Collins
        Post Producer: Tim Knauff
        Clearance Supervisor: Katie Del Core
        Director of Research: Anthony Lacques
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        Coordinator: Melinda Esquibel
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        Researcher: John Knapp
        Researcher: Sean Heckman
        Researcher: Tom Barclay
        Clearance Coordinator: D.W. Blakeslee
        Production Assistant: Jeffery Perkins
        Voice over Coordinator: Mikki Del Monico
        Assistant Editor: Laura Steinhoff
        Assistant Editor: Michael Brrome
        Assistant Post Coordinator: Alexander Rubinow
        Post Assistant: Gaylen Kobayashi
        Post Assistant: Linda Liao
        Camera: Prospero Bozzo
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        Camera: Michael Sullivan
        Camera: Brian Temple
        Camera: Paul Young
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        Field Audio: Damiano Belafatti
        Field Audio: John Bogley
        Field Audio: Mike Borman
        Field Audio: Ed Fritz
        Field Audio: Stewart Holmes
        Field Audio: Doug Murray
        Field Audio: Cary Pope
        Online Editor: John Price
        Sound Mixer: Paul Ray
        Animation: Bart Roen
        Technical Consultant: Nicholas Carino, PhD
        Technical Consultant: Lee Dickinson, PhD
        Technical Consultant: Joseph Jacobazzi
        Technical Consultant: Gene Salecker
        Technical Consultant: Walter Steiner

        Special Thanks:
        John R. Billingham
        Lucette Brehm
        Delta Queen Steamboat Company
        DFW International Airport
        Historic Elmwood Cemetary
        Tom Koba
        David Magana
        Memphis National Cemetary
        Joyce Millard
        Edana Robnett
        Linda Sacia
        Andrea Schwartz
        Brian Steele
        Marion Branford Thompson
        Andy Yelenak

        Executive Producer: Beth Dietrich-Segarra
        Produced by Actuality Productions, INC

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