Modern Marvels

Season 10 Episode 60

Extreme Gadgets

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 02, 2003 on The History Channel



  • Trivia

    • Skysurfers use an automatic activation device or A.A.D., a computerized barometric sensing unit that opens the reserve parachute at a pre-set altitude if it determines a jumper is still plummeting at high speed.

    • On May 22, 2001 Stefan Gatt became the first person to snowboard down Mount Everest.

    • The rider's feet are the brakes in steet luge. Because most of the rubber is burned off braking at such high speeds, shoes often have to be replaced after each race.

    • Wetsuit and surf equipment innovator Jack O'Neill lost an eye while testing one of the first surf leashes that tethers a surfer to his board. Jack's signature eye patch became his company logo. now recognized the world over.

  • Quotes

    • Narrator: Defying the laws of gravity. Reckless or revolutionary, insanity or twisted genius? Technology and innovation give birth to the most mind blowing and perilous sports on the planet. Now, Extreme Sports Gadgets, on Modern Marvels.

  • Notes

    • Laird Hamilton
      Big Wave Surfer

      Sam George
      Editor, "Surfer" magazine

      Al Merrick
      Owner, Channel Island Surfboards

      Chris Malloy
      Professional Surfer

      James O'Mahoney
      Skateboarding Pioneer

      Stacy Peralta
      Skateboarding Pioneer/Filmmaker

      Tony Hawk
      Professional Skateboarder

      Roger Hickey
      Street Luge Pioneer

      Neal Piper
      President, AEND Industries

      Scott Starr

      Marc Berardi
      Burton Snowboards

      Tony Finn
      Wakeboard Pioneer

      Jimmy Redmon
      Wakeboard Designer

      Troy Hartman

      Chris de Bar
      Wingsuit Flyer

      Eron Chorney
      Engineer, Rocky Mountain Bicycles

      Spencer Jeffrey
      Machinist, Rocky Mountain Bicycles

      Eric Amey
      Machine Shop, Rocky Mountain Bicycles

      Wade Simmons
      Professional Mountain Biker

      Richie Schley
      Professional Mountain Biker

      Mat Hoffman
      Professional BMX Biker

      Jason Lee
      Mountainboard Pioneer

      Patrick McConnell
      Mountainboard Pioneer

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      Special Thanks:
      James O'Mahoney
      Santa Barbara Surfing Museum

      Executive Producer: Beth Dietrich-Segarra
      Produced by Actuality Productions, INC

    • This episode is sometimes referred to as "Extreme Sports Gadgets".

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