Modern Marvels

Season 7 Episode 9

Great Inventions

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 14, 2000 on The History Channel
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Great Inventions
Wheel; steam engine; railroad; automobile; airplane; printing press; electric light; wireless telegraph; telephone; television; computer.
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      • Narrator: One of the world's greatest inventions, how far back and we trace their origins. Which inventions have had the biggest impact on our world and what does the future hold for these amazing devices? Now Great Inventions on Modern marvels.

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      • William S. Pretzer
        Curator, Henry Ford Museum

        Dr. W. Bernard Carlson
        Historian of Technology, Univ. of Virginia

        Bob Casey
        Curator of Transportation, Henry Ford Museum

        Marc Greuther
        Curator, Henry Ford Museum

        Dr. Robert Friedel
        Prof. of History, Univ of Maryland

        Dr. Bernard Finn
        Smithsonian Institution

        Dr. Janet Abbate
        Author, Inventing the Internet

        Michael Butman
        Director of Technology, Henry Ford Museum

        Dr. James D. Cherry
        Prof. of Pediatrics, UCLA School of Medicine

        Dr. Louis Galambos
        Prof. of History, Univ. of Maryland

        Alexander Graham Bell (archival footage)

        Henry Ford (archival footage)

        Thomas Edison (archival footage)

        Herbert Hoover (archival footage)

        Guglielmo Marconi (archival footage)

        Franklin D. Roosevelt (archival footage)

        James Clerk Maxwell (archival footage)

        Heinrich Rudolf Hertz (archival footage)

        Nikola Tesla (archival footage)

        John F. Kennedy (archival footage)

        Philo Farnsworth (archival footage)

        Dwight D. Eisenhower (archival footage)

        William Shockley (archival footage)

        John Bardeen (archival footage)

        Walter Brattain (archival footage)

        Herman Hollerith (archival footage)

        Louis Pasteur (archival footage)

        Alexander Fleming (archival footage)

        Jonas Salk (archival footage)

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      • This episode originally aired in "Mini-Marvels Week" on the History Channel.

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