Modern Marvels

Season 13 Episode 40


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  • Trivia

    • The amount of water flowing through Hoover Dam could fill as many as 27 Olympic-size swimming pools in one minute.

    • Waukesha engines are painted bright orange and roar while operating. These features have earned them the nickname "thunder pumpkins."

    • Since the 1980s, most hydroplane races have been won by boats using a turbine engine originally designed for Vietnam-era Chinook helicopters.

    • Inventor James Watt's first steam engine produced 6 horsepower. Within 20 years, his engines delivered as much as 190 horsepower.

  • Quotes

    • Narrator: From the firebreathing fastest cars on land to some of the most extreme engines on water to the cutting edge technology of today's hybrid automobiles. Horsepower has defined the way we move for two centuries. Is there really the power of 200 horses under your hood? Find out now as we rev up for Horsepower, on Modern Marvels.

  • Notes

    • Commentators:

      Tommy Johnson Jr.
      Driver, Skoal Racing Funny Car

      Bob Allan
      Lexus Dealer Education Manager

      Melanie Troxel
      Driver, Skull Gear Dragster

      Richard Rains
      Professor of Physics, L.A. Mission College

      Gary Pollak
      SAE Certified Power Program Manager

      David Gorajek
      GM Development Engineer

      Dave Muscaro
      GM Director, Dyno Engine Development

      Gerard Lamesch
      SAE Certified Witness

      Dave Villwock
      Hydroplane Driver

      Jim Lucero
      Manager, Turbine Engine Warehouse

      Ken Muscatel, PhD
      Hydroplane Driver

      Martin Zeeman
      Second Engineer, Cosco "Long Beach"

      Willfried Fester
      Captain, Cosco "Long Beach"

      Jim Drees
      VP Engineering, Waukesha Engine

      Lloyd Beauchamp
      VP Sales, Waukesha Engine

      Mark Carls
      Manager, Engineering, Waukesha Engine

      Dan Pellouchoud
      Director, Engineering and Planning, Hoover Dam

      Bill Schermerhorn
      Guide Service Coordinator, Hoover Dam

      David Roose
      Engineer, CA State Water Project

      Elmer Gray
      Edmonston Mechanical Supervisor

      Charles Hubbard
      Lexus Senior Product Education Administration

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