Modern Marvels

Season 10 Episode 54

Inviting Disaster 3

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 04, 2003 on The History Channel
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Inviting Disaster 3
No program better symbolizes human mastery of machines than does the space shuttle. But the breakups of Challenger and Columbia revealed the program is tragically flawed. Based on the James Chiles's book Inviting Disaster, we look at the 1930 crash of the R-101, a dirigible which, much like Challenger, was rushed into flight and met with disaster, and the Hindenburg, whose 1937 explosion ended dreams of commercial flights for an entire industry. Will the shuttle program go the way of the dirigible?moreless

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    • TRIVIA (3)

      • In 2001, NASA considered taking Columbia out of service because it was the oldest shuttle and had the least cargo lifting capacity.

      • For the first four flights, the shuttle Columbia featured ejection seats for the two pilots. The larger crew made the ejection plan impractical.

      • The Soviet's reusable space shuttle was the Buran. It went into space one time, in 1988, with no crew on board.

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      • Cast:

        James R. Chiles
        Author, "Inviting Disaster"

        Diane Vaughan
        Sociologist, Boston College

        Dr. Bruce Murray
        Planetary Science and Geology, CalTech

        Don A. Nelson
        Space Engineer, NASA (Ret.)

        Dr. Elisabeth Pate-Cornell
        Dept. of Industrial Engineering, Stanford Univ.

        Scott Hubbard
        Columbia Accident Investigation Board

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        Editor: Margaret Moore
        Editor: Alan Bills
        Narrator: Will Lyman
        Music: DL Music
        Series Consultant: James R. Chiles
        Researcher: Troy Barbour
        Researcher: Carolina Pacheco
        General Counsel: Shinaan S. Krakowsky
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