Modern Marvels

Season 6 Episode 2

Las Vegas Hotels

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 03, 1998 on The History Channel

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  • Needs updating

    "Las Vegas Hotels" takes through a tour of the various hotels in the growing city of Las Vegas, Nevada. While I've never been there, Las Vegas always seems to be involved in a show somewhere on television, so it's not exactly an unknown-city anymore.

    The show wasn't so much a tour, but a history lesson on the city's hotels, and somewhat the city itself. Las Vegas has really come a long way over the past several decades, with entrepreneurs looking to make money on hotels and casinos.

    This episode is starting to show its age. They paid a lot of attention to the "family atmosphere" Las Vegas has been working on creating, but since the original airing of this episode, several years ago, in recent years, Las Vegas is ditching the family atmosphere and going back to the more adult-themed entertainment, which is too bad. They should make a "Las Vegas Hotels 2" episode sometime and profile the cities hotels again, and show what's changed. The city doesn't stay dormant, there are always changes.
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