Modern Marvels

Season 10 Episode 42


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 19, 2003 on The History Channel
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They constitute the very essence of the modern world; the cadence of our progress sounds in the measured ring of the blacksmith's hammer. From soaring skyscrapers and sturdy bridges to jet planes and rockets, metals play a key role. Our journey begins before the Bronze Age and takes us into the shiny future when new metal structures--engineered at a molecular level to be stronger, lighter, and cheaper--shape human progress, as they have since man first thrust copper into a fire and forged a tool.moreless
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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (4)

      • On December 6, 1884 the appex of the Washington Monument was capped with a 6.2 pound pyramid of rare pure cast aluminum 8.8 inches tall and 5.4 inches wide at its base.

      • Steel is one of the most recycled metals in the world. The steel from over 14 million automobiles is recycled every year.

      • Blacksmiths worked with black metals, such as iron. Whitesmiths worked with white metals, such as tin.

      • All United States nickles, dimes and quarters are made of copper or copper alloys. A thin metal cladding of copper and nickel provides their silvery shine.

    • QUOTES (1)

      • Narrator: Transforming raw metal into civilization is a journey that began before the Bronze Age and takes us into a gleaming future. Human progress forged in the blacksmith's fire. Now: Metal, on Modern Marvels.

    • NOTES (1)

      • Rick Smith
        Prof. of Metalsmithing, Southern Illinois University

        Richard Mawdsley

        Lori Vermeulen
        Prof. of Chemistry, Southern Illinois University

        Angela M. Bubash

        Danielle Crissman

        Nathan Blank

        Marc LeVier
        Manager, Newmont Mining Corporation

        Lawrence Kavanagh
        VP, American Iron & Steel Institute

        William M. Heenan, Jr.
        President, Steel Recycling Institute

        Kevin G. Lowery
        Corporate Communications, Alcoa

        Dr. William Johnson
        Prof. California Institute of Technology

        Dr. Richard J. Fields
        Metallurgist, NIST

        Henry Bessemer (archival footage)

        Executive Producer: Don Cambou
        Writer: Matthew P. Hickey
        Producer: Matthew P. Hickey
        Line Producer: Paul Dzilvelis
        Editor: Jason Steinberg
        Narrator: Max Raphael
        Music: Guy Thomas
        Producer: Bruce Nash
        Creator: Bruce Nash
        Production Manager: Kathlene Exner Rizzotti
        Post Production Manager: Gary Reid
        Clearance Coordinator: Katie Del Core
        Director of Research: Anthony Lacques
        Production Auditor: Dani Eslin
        Production Coordinator: James Wiser
        Assistant Accountant: Dennis Luciani
        Assistant Editor: Eric Sievering
        Post Coordinator: Danny Kim
        Post Assistant: Laura Steinhoff
        Voice over Coordinator: Melanie Pipes
        Production Assistant: Rosalyn McVay
        Camera: Mike Audick
        Camera: James Gribbins
        Camera: Gene Moffett
        Camera: Dylan S. O'Brien
        Camera: Dave Rutherford
        Field Audio: Dave Berliner
        Field Audio: John V. Davis, Jr.
        Field Audio: Lincoln Terhark
        Field Audio: Aaron Webster
        Online Editor: Julia De Galzain
        Sound Mixer: Paul Ray
        Animation: Glenn Takakjian
        Historical Consultant: Rick Smith

        Special Thanks:
        Frank S. Biancaniello
        Paul Champagne
        Paula M. Davenport
        Kevin M. Dugan
        William F. Egelhoff, Jr.
        Frank W. Gayle
        Daniel Josell
        Steven Mates
        Daryl Meier
        Jennifer Monroe
        Michael E. Newman
        Gail Porter
        Stephen D. Ridder
        Daehyun Ryu
        Robert D. Shull
        Daniel Smith
        Jennifer Sommers
        Steel Recycling Institute
        Janice Stewart
        Christopher M. Tinnen
        Dae-Won Yi

        Executive Producer: Beth Dietrich-Segarra
        Produced by Actuality Productions, INC

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