Modern Marvels

Season 12 Episode 65

More Snackfood Tech

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 20, 2005 on The History Channel

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  • More Snackfood Tech!

    These shows remind me of the show Unwrapped, a series on Food Network. Like that show, it's difficult to watch the show and not feel hungry by the time the credits roll by.

    While these shows give a general idea of how certain foods are made, I don't find a lot of this particularly interesting. I'd much rather see shows about specific ingredients. Shows on sugar and salt, for instance can offer a vast amount of history on the importance of them in the trade with other countries. Much of this trade can be learned in history books in high school, of course, but this is what I'd rather see in a show like this.

    More Snackfood Tech was a bit of a letdown and a bit of a filler episode.