Modern Marvels

Season 1 Episode 4

Mount Rushmore

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 11, 1996 on The History Channel



  • Trivia

    • The U.S. government took the Black Hills from the Sioux Indians illigally in 1877. Though a settlement was awarded by the Supreme Court in 1980, the Sioux have refused the money, still hoping to regain their land.

    • If one of the Presidents were scaled to his head on Mt. Rushmore, he would be 465 feet tall.

    • Today, the National Environmental Policy Act provides strict guidelines for assessing the environmental impact of a project like Mt. Rushmore. One expert's opinion: after a five to ten year study, the application would be denied.

    • Gutzon Borglum's father was a Mormon, simultaneously married to two Danish sisters. Gutzon's mother left the marriage four years after her son's birth.

  • Quotes

    • Narrator: The idea preposterous, the plan: carve a national monument out of the solid Black Hills of South Dakota. The motivation: part tourism, part patriotism, part egotism. The result: a stunning monument to four American visionaries by a man as energetic and contentious as the country he loved. Now, sculpting Mount Rushmore, here on Modern Marvels.

  • Notes

    • James Popovich
      Archivist, National Park Service

      Howard Shaff
      Co-Author, "Six Wars at a Time"

      Dr. William O. Farber
      University of South Dakota

      Dan Wenk
      Superintendent, Mount Rushmore

      Orville Worman
      Mount Rushmore Worker

      Don Clifford
      Mount Rushmore Worker

      Glen Bradford
      Mount Rushmore Worker

      William A. Burkett
      Hearst Contest Winner

      Mike Pflaum
      Chief Ranger, Mount Rushmore

      Executive Producer: Bob Jaffe
      Writer: Andy Thomas
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      Senior Producer: Jeff Scheftel
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      Producer: Bruce Nash
      Creator: Bruce Nash
      Narrator: Harlan Saperstein
      Archival Footage Consultant: Ted Troll
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      Editor: Andy Thomas
      Online Editor: Brian Pete
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      Special Thanks:
      The Library of Congress
      National Park Service
      United States Department of the Interior
      Rushmore-Borlum Historical & Cultural Center
      Charles Nauman
      Dr. and Laura Pankratz
      Todd Epp
      Peter Egart
      Gary Keller
      Michael Singh
      Eric Jerstad
      Rick Decroix

      Executive in Charge: Mel A. Bishop

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