Modern Marvels

Season 11 Episode 11

Nature's Engineers

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 31, 2004 on The History Channel
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Nature's Engineers
Towering skyscrapers buzzing with life, intricate tunnels connecting entire communities, mighty dams that tame the wildest rivers--this is construction animal style! Take a walk on the wild side as we investigate common creatures seemingly designed to alter their habitat and remake the world. Our ability to learn and capacity for abstract thought may separate us from beavers, honeybees, birds, termites, and spiders, but these engineers of nature remind us that we're merely the latest in a long line.moreless
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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (4)

      • Some African termite colonies have no shortage of builders; their queens can produce up to 30,000 eggs a day.

      • Some nest builders find the best construction materials right at the tips of their wings. The nests of the Long Tailed Tit may contain as many as 2,000 feathers.

      • During a good year, the U.S. honey industry can produce more tha 215 million pounds of honey, thanks to the work of well over 125 billion very busy bees.

      • The largest beaver dam on record was located in Three Forks, Montana and measured over 2,100 feet long.

    • QUOTES (1)

      • Narrator: Where secret homes and hideaways meet survival of the fittest, animal builders that claw their way to the top and sink their teeth into their work, all to make a little place they can call home. Now: Nature's Engineers, on Modern Marvels.

    • NOTES (1)

      • James Gould, PhD
        Biologist, Princeton University

        Jason Holley
        Biologist, California Department of Fish & Game

        Chris Loggers
        Wildlife Biologist, U.S. Forest Service

        Patrick Foy
        Biologist, California Department of Fish & Game

        Lynn Kimsey, PhD
        Entomologist, UC Davis

        Eric C. Mussen, PhD
        Apiculturist, UC Davis

        P. Kirk Visscher, PhD
        Entomologist, UC Riverside

        Linnea S. Hall, PhD
        Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology

        Andrew Engilis, Jr.
        Ornithologist, UC Davis

        Rene Corado
        Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology

        John Klotz, PhD
        Entomologist, UC Riverside

        Walter R. Tschinkel, PhD
        Biologist, Florida State University

        Cheryl Hayashi, PhD
        Biologist, UC Riverside

        Todd Blackledge, PhD
        Biologist, UC Riverside

        Executive Producer: Don Cambou
        Writer: Robert E. Ziel
        Producer: Robert E. Ziel
        Line Producer: Paul Dzilvelis
        Editor: Scot Kelly
        Narrator: Max Raphael
        Music: Guy Thomas
        Producer: Bruce Nash
        Creator: Bruce Nash
        Production Manager: Shelia Collins
        Post Producer: Lauren Levine
        Clearance Supervisor: Katie Del Core
        Director of Research: Anthony Lacques
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        Field Audio: Chris Weston
        Online Editor: Chuck Crews
        Sound Mixer: Paul Ray
        Animation: Doug Whitney
        Historical Consultant: James Gould, Ph.D.
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        Historical Consultant: Chris Loggers
        Historical Consultant: Walter R. Tschinkel, Ph.D.
        Historical Consultant: P. Kirk Visscher, Ph.D.

        Special Thanks:
        Bohart Museum of Entomology
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        University of California, Riverside
        Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology

        Executive Producer: Beth Deitich-Segarra
        Produced by Actuality Productions, INC

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