Modern Marvels

Season 7 Episode 7


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 06, 2000 on The History Channel
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The philosophy, architecture of today's U.S. prisons emerge from those of history. They are buildings designed to keep their inhabitants inside and under control. But very often, there is another, psychological aspect at work--they are made to look as grim and foreboding as possible. MODERN MARVELS takes a long, hard look at how prisons have been designed and built through the ages. The program starts in antiquity, where sewers and dank dungeons were commandeered to keep the unruly and unwelcome captive. Prison designers and experts examine how these ancient roots show up in the design of much more modern prisons, where many elements go beyond the need for security. We'll tour famous prisons from Alcatraz to the newest, maximum-security facilities built during America's most recent wave of prison construction. And examine the features that may well become staples of the next generation of these facilities. This is your day pass into the world of punishment, a fascinating tour of the buildings at the backbone of the penal system.moreless
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      • Bernard Kerik
        Former Police Commissioner, New York City

        Buford Goff
        Prison Technology Expert

        J. Alan Buck
        Prison Architect

        Thomas McCarthy
        New York City Prison Historian

        Norman Johnston PhD
        Author, "Forms of Constraint"

        John Roberts, PhD
        Author, "Reform and Retribution"

        Roger Panetta, PhD.
        Prof. of History, Marymount College, NY

        Ethel Rosenberg (archival footage)

        Julius Rosenberg (archival footage)

        James Cagney (archival footage)

        Brant L. Kehn
        Former Deputy Superintendent, Sing-Sing

        James McFadden
        Warden, Arizona State Prison Complex-Lewis

        Andrew Cupples
        Prison Architect

        Clyton Eastmond
        Warden, Riker's Island

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        Arizona Department of Corrections Lewis Complex
        BI Monitoring
        Buford Goff and Associates
        Riker's Island
        Sing Sing Correctional Facility
        David Ward

        Supervising Producer: Beth Dietrich
        Executive Producer: Charlie Maday

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