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  • Deeply informative

    This show takes mundane things that we usually don't think twice about and goes in depth with them explaining how complicated these seemingly simple things really are. It tackles things as complicated as wind turbines and things as simple as vacuum cleaners. It explains how the evolved, how they work, how they are used, and how they are being further developed. This show will change your outlook on technology and make you think about simpler things more. My only complaint is that it seems like they have been running out of episode ideas lately and are barrel scraping (Ex. Bread, stink, frying, glass,

    This is definitely an interesting show and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in science and technologies that influence the modern world.
  • Very Interesting.

    Love all the information.
  • Hot & Spicy

    I love spicy food and the only "remedy" you stated was to use milk and dairy products to relieve the capsaicin heat. Well, believe it or not, I have found exactly what binds with the capsaicin better than anything else: the JUICE from a cantalope. You can use the fruit, but it works best if you chew it a long time to get down to just the juice - when you do, the capsaicin binds with it and the heat leaves your mouth like it hadn't been there at all!!
  • mordern marvels is a really good history show about all kinds of things.

    the show is about alot of things like the history of ice cream or military or other topics they go into high detail about alot and i really enjoyed this show. it tells you very interesting facts on the comercials and it also shows and tells you interesting facts about each topic they talk about like the candy bars or soda or other topics there is alot of topics in there for everyone you is a huge history fan i enjoy watching it. when i can. well think the show really deserved the grad i gave it and i like the show alot.
  • One of the best shows on television

    I have always loved Modern Marvels and have made a very valid attempt to see very episode. I find that Modern Marvels both teaches and entertains. While other shows are obviously educational and can be used to put students to sleep better than a boring lecture, Modern Marvels actually interests me. I love learning about various things and learning about their pasts and their applications. Whether you want to learn everything that there is to learn about wood, or about the largest machines, Modern Marvels is the show to watch. With well over 400 episodes, I believe that Modern Marvels has earned its keep.
  • Yeh I like this show,tell's you about alot of stuff and is very intresting.It's great!!!

    Well I like this show because it tell's and show's you about alot of thing's in the world today and even in the past too.There has been alot of stuff that I did'nt even know about,some thing's I did and but it's great on that matter.Also it's just great and intresting to watch and just to sit back and get the knowledge your hearing and seeing about.I will continue to watch and learn from the show and I hope the show continue's to go on for awhile longer,more then some of us might hope for.Anyway i like the show,it's great and cool to watch and everything,it rock's!
  • Seriously - who did? Modern Marvels will go above & beyond to tell you why - even if you thought you never cared.

    Modern Marvels NEVER fails to amaze me. I have been watching this show occasionally for years and I ALWAYS learn something new with every episode I watch.

    Not only does Modern Marvels show current cool inventions, they show programs on some very old things as well (eg Great Wall of China, Pyramids). The thing that always blows my mind about this program is I can look at the listing and think bleh that sounds boring but I turn it on and voila, I'm absolutely DROOLING over how amazing this show makes so many seemingly BORING things so fascinating. And they do it just by stating the facts!

    Ever want to learn about things like cement, TNT, airport runways, etc? No - me either but tune in and you will be enamored to see how fascinating, interesting and innovative so many seemingly boring things really are not. This has to be one of the best learning shows ever made on so many things we take for granted. If I was a teacher I'd show these in my classes. That's how good AND interesting they are. But don't take this show for kiddie stuff - I think it kind of transcends generations in a way.

    So if there's ever one of those days when just nothing on sounds good even if you get 500 channels watch this show and you will not scoff at this review when you learn how interesting "Glue" is!!!
  • Ever think about what makes modern daily living possible? Or how your food & clothes get to the store? Even if you don't think infrastructure could possibly be interesting, 'Modern Marvels' will make you think again!

    I am all over this show! You never think about how things work (until they don't, usually!), and then you're only concerned with getting it fixed! 'Modern Marvels' manages to make the mundane fascinating. My best example is the episode 'Concrete'. You'd think this would be boring, but they talk about the history of concrete/cement (which are actually two different things), who invented it and which civilization perfected it (one guess as to who...)

    Another fave was about how fresh fruit is picked, washed, sorted, stored and brought to the grocery store. I had wondered what happened to fruit that was not 'perfect', i.e. right size, shape, color, turns out they go into applesauce and other things like that where the fruit is mixed into something else. The good ones are hand-sorted into boxes & sometimes held in giant warehouses until shipping time.

    I live in the Sacramento Valley, a major agricultural region, and it was interesting to see some of the experimental ways they're trying to make fruit picking safer for the (usually undocumented) workers. But people coming to work in this country illegally to do jobs that Americans won't take is not a topic for this review!
  • Edison -Power-Tesla

    Doing a story on Edison and electricity and NOT talking about TESLA is irresponsible and a distortion of historical fact. Nearly ALL of modern electrical equipment from the ‘Age of Edison’ was developed by TESLA. You remember him don’t you? You are a good group but you can do much better then this.
  • BAM! Know the basics and more about a topic in as little as an hour.

    This show covers many topics ranging from wars to candy to beer. It's cool, and very easy to follow, not one of those boring black and white shows. Very nice pictures as well, and they show you exactly what's going on.

    I don't watch this whenever I get the chance, but if there's nothing else, I'll tune in. It's informative, detailed, and most of all NOT boring. The topics are not bad either, it mostly the topic that judges the episode. Basically, if you don't like the topic, you won't like the episode, and vise versa.

    Overall, this isn't some show where I'd catch every episode whenever I get the chance, but it's worth it when I do.
  • This is one of the greatest shows on TV. It provides you with enough information to really know what is is and how it works, but not so much information that it feels like you're having knowledge shoved down your throat.

    This show is excellent. I watch it frequently and it always has something new and informative. Also, it doesn't focus on one specific area or time period. They have all sorts of information presented and arranged in one-hour segments. The info is enoguh that you know what you're talking about but not so much that you feel like you should be taking notes on the subject. The show flows along flawlessly and even provides interesting tidbits of information before going to commercial. The show is upbeat and fast paced but not so much so that you have to constantly use the DVR rewind feature to go back and get the info again. The show is also written so that the information is easy to understand but it's not so dumbed-down that it feels like they think you are stupid.

    IMHO, it's one of the best shows on television.
  • Informative and interesting. Exactly what you want from a show like this.

    As a history buff, Modern Marvels is a very good show to watch. It's certainly become a personal favorite over the years.

    One of the the things I enjoy most is the wide range of topics. You can expect to see shows dedicated to everything from the Great Wall of China and plastics to rubber and commercial fishing. With an hour to dedicate to a particular subject, they offer a great wealth of information, going back to the earliest inception of any given technology or industry.

    With so many episodes in the vault, there are only so many more topics to cover, and for this reason, the show's beginning to go downhill. The quality is still there, but the future is so-so. They could opt to re-edit some episodes and update them as things advance.
  • Modern Marvels continues to pump out gallons of information, but the topics need refining.

    NNow in its eleventh season, Modern Marvels is still going strong, but everything isn't right in paradise. As with any long-running series, Modern Marvels is simply beginning to run out of topics. Technology encompasses a simply massive range of topics, but it is still finite. There’s a lot for MM to still cover, but as time goes by the topics of the show will begin to grow more esoteric and overall quality will wane.

    While MM continues to satisfy its vast fan base, it is definitely past its prime. Even though the show still has years of topics to cover before it runs out of mainstream subjects, the series is generally less interesting than it used to be. This is more a result of the episodes' focus than anything else; MM is foraying more and more into areas already well covered by other documentaries (many of which are also aired on The History Channel). This trend is taking the series down more than lack of subjects, but there's good news: the 'disease' is treatable with an infusion of fresh ideas.
  • It’s good fun and you learn stuff

    “Modern Marvels” is a great show that highlights a different construction project or similar thing in each episode. They feature buildings, monuments, bridges, sometimes machinary, etc. They are always things that people look at and wonder, “How’d they do that?”

    Past shows have featured such things as the Hoover Dam, the St. Louis Arch and various tall buildings and famous bridges.

    I like to see tourist attractions that I’ve been to, but also it is nice to see things in other places. It often makes me want to go see a structure after I’ve seen it featured on “Modern Marvels”.

    Good show.
  • Wow, so that's how they did that!

    Everytime I watch this show I leave feeling like my IQ was slightly raised. I know that is silly, but seeing the way our technology is put to work is really amazing. I love how they show how things were built, like the Golden Gate Bridge. This show is very educational and is the kind of thing that children in the world need to be watching today instead of playing video games and watching garbage. Another thumbs up for the history channel for putting together a wonderful and informative show!