Modern Marvels

Wednesday 10:00 PM on The History Channel Premiered Jan 01, 1995 In Season


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  • Seriously - who did? Modern Marvels will go above & beyond to tell you why - even if you thought you never cared.

    Modern Marvels NEVER fails to amaze me. I have been watching this show occasionally for years and I ALWAYS learn something new with every episode I watch.

    Not only does Modern Marvels show current cool inventions, they show programs on some very old things as well (eg Great Wall of China, Pyramids). The thing that always blows my mind about this program is I can look at the listing and think bleh that sounds boring but I turn it on and voila, I'm absolutely DROOLING over how amazing this show makes so many seemingly BORING things so fascinating. And they do it just by stating the facts!

    Ever want to learn about things like cement, TNT, airport runways, etc? No - me either but tune in and you will be enamored to see how fascinating, interesting and innovative so many seemingly boring things really are not. This has to be one of the best learning shows ever made on so many things we take for granted. If I was a teacher I'd show these in my classes. That's how good AND interesting they are. But don't take this show for kiddie stuff - I think it kind of transcends generations in a way.

    So if there's ever one of those days when just nothing on sounds good even if you get 500 channels watch this show and you will not scoff at this review when you learn how interesting "Glue" is!!!
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