Modern Marvels

Season 11 Episode 22


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 09, 2004 on The History Channel
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The story of rubber is more than tires, toys, gloves, and gum--it's imbedded in modern life, from the controversial Challenger O-rings to seals on hydrogen fuel cells. A gigantic worldwide synthetic rubber industry creates exotic elastomers for high-tech applications, while China's rapid industrialization plays havoc with the world's natural rubber supply. From the ancient Olmecs of Yucatán, who knew the secret of vulcanization, to modern processing plants, we trace rubber's history and future.moreless
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      • Narrator: It moves us, insulates us, protects us and cushions us, ingrained so deeply into our lives it can be found in nearly every machine, appliance, apparatus and gadget and its story is one of the most fantastic you'll ever hear. Now: Rubber, on Modern Marvels.

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      • Faron Lubbers
        Hoosier Racing Tire

        Herb Johnson
        Michelin Motorsports

        Wade Davis
        Explorer, National Geographic Society

        Stanley N. Smith
        Rubber Technology Consultant

        David Giffels
        Co-Author, Wheels of Fortune

        James E. Kozy

        David A. Johnson

        Auggie Gatt
        Rubber Eng. Tech., Ferris State Univ.

        Frank N. Kelley
        Dean, Polymer Science, Univ. of Akron

        Randy Vancura
        V.P., Gold Key Processing

        George B. Sobieraj
        Pres., Rubber City Machinery Corp.

        Kevin C. Wallace, Ph.D.
        Michelin North America

        Bill Hopkins
        Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

        Wayne Culbertson
        Michelin North America

        Ted Duclos, Ph.D.

        Stanley N. Smith
        Rubber Technology Consultant

        Carmela Bailey
        U.S. Department of Agriculture

        David Chapman
        Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

        Robert Bond, Ph.D.
        Chicago Rawhide/SKF

        Benjamin Goodrich (archival footage)

        Henry Ford (archival footage)

        Harvey Firestone (archival footage)

        John Boyd Dunlop (archival footage)

        Executive Producer: Don Cambou
        Producer: Jeffrey Willerth
        Writer: Jeffrey Willerth
        Line Producer: Paul Dzilvelis
        Associate Producer: Dan Gibbons
        Editor: Scot Kelly
        Narrator: Max Raphael
        Music: Guy Thomas
        Producer: Bruce Nash
        Creator: Bruce Nash
        Production Manager: Shelia Collins
        Post Producer: Tim Knauff
        Clearance Supervisor: Katie Del Core
        Director of Research: Anthony Lacques
        Production Controller: Dani Eslin
        Accountant: Judy Gordon
        Accountant: Sheridan Liu
        Coordinator: Rosalyn McVay
        Researcher: Mikki Del Monico
        Clearance Coordinator: D.W. Blakeslee
        Production Assistant: Jeffrey Perkins
        Voice Over Coordinator: Mikki Del Monico
        Assistant Editor: Laura Steinhoff
        Assistant Post Coordinator: Alexander Rubinow
        Post Assistant: Gaylen Kobayashi
        Camera: Joe Clark
        Camera: Everett A. Harris
        Camera: Jared Manders
        Camera: Eric Thornton
        Camera: Jorge Castillo-Trentin
        Field Audio: Derek Johnston
        Field Audio: Keith Pearson
        Field Audio: Jeremy Settles
        Field Audio: Thom Shafer
        Online Editor: John Price
        Sound Mixer: Paul Ray
        Animation: Victor Bornia

        Special Thanks:
        Amy Brei
        Jan Clark
        John Loadman
        Lisa Manendo
        Dan MacDonald
        Jim McGraw
        Lynn Mann
        Marina Marich
        Jeff Martin
        Tom Martin
        Kevin Ott
        Gail Reader
        Rubber Mainufacturers Association
        Lindsay Smith
        Spie - The Intl. Society for Optical Engineers

        Executive Producer: Beth Dietrich-Segarra
        Produced by Actuality Productions, INC

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