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Season 12 : Episode 42

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Season 12 : Episode 42

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  • Oil Wells
    Oil Wells
    Episode 7
    On Oil Wells, Modern Marvels looks at the life of those fighting oil well fighters. The episode takes a look back at the early days of oil well fighters. Learn about the techniques used then and now. Oil Wells also take a peek at life of oil well pioneers Paul "Red" Adair and Myron Kinley.moreless
  • Western Railroads
    Western Railroads
    Episode 6
    Western Railroads on Modern Marvels from the History Channel covers the building of America's coast to coast transportation system by the Central and Union Pacific Railroads. The historic project completed in 1869 and used innovative technology to make cross-country travel and freight inexpensive. A new era of American progress was born.moreless
  • Polio Vaccine
    Polio Vaccine
    Episode 5
    In this episode of The History Channel's Modern Marvels viewers get a glimpse into a time when scientists were struggling to find a vaccine for the deadly polio virus. Watch as Modern Marvels chronicles the accounts of people who suffered from polio as well as the events leading up to Dr. Jonas Salk's discovery of the vaccine which would end up saving millions of people.moreless
  • Crime Science
    Crime Science
    Episode 4
    Crime Science is the fifth episode of the History Channel's documentary series, Modern Marvels. Crime Science traces the evolution of forensic science, showing how technology has revolutionized the science of crime solving. The development of fingerprinting, ballistics evidence and DNA profiling are illustrated using famous cases from history, such as the conviction of James Earl Ray and the bombing of Pan Am 103.moreless
  • Corsair: Pacific Warrior
    "A special edition of The History Channel's documentary series on technology, Modern Marvels. The episode focuses on the Corsair, the fastest single-engine fighter plane of the WWII era. Corsair: Pacific Warrior demonstrates the advantages of the Corsair that caused it to be adopted by the US Marines and gives some insight into pilots' experiences. With Greg Stebner."moreless
  • B-52 Stratofortress
    Modern Marvels profiles the USAF B-52 jet-bomber and its successful track record in accomplishing over 1000 US military missions. Narrator, Max Raphael, starts this episode at Boeing headquarters in 1946, where engineers designed a replacement for the Convair B-36. Cameras flashback to the B-52 Stratofortress' maiden flight in the 50s, and Raphael continues to tell the bomber's story of its significance in the Vietnam War, Gulf War and beyond.moreless