Modern Marvels - Season 14

Wednesday 10:00 PM on The History Channel Premiered Jan 01, 1995 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Fast Food Tech
    Episode 44
    Can fast food get any faster? Fast food joints in the US pull in $150 billion dollars in annual sales. Their mantra is "fast, consistent, and inexpensive." Learn how they grow it, process it, freeze it, ship it, track it, fry it, flip it and pack it.
  • Cold Cuts
    Episode 43
    They're the meat in our sandwiches and slices of American pop culture. Take a look behind the deli counter to reveal the secret ingredients in boloney.
  • Most Shocking
    Episode 42
    It strikes without warning and kills in an instant. We fear its might even as we use it to save a life. Explore the electric shock in its numerous forms.
  • Rocks
    Episode 41
    From the Stone Age to the Space Age, our world has been built from rocks.
  • The Pig
    Episode 40
    It's said that the pig is as smart as a 3 year-old human. The pancreas, heart valve and intestines of the pig have been transplanted into human bodies, yet the primary use of the pig is for food. Watch the pig transform into bacon, ham, ribs and sausage, using a high tech water knife, at Burger's Smokehouse in Missouri.moreless
  • Corn
    Episode 39
    Why is corn the largest agricultural crop in the world? Corn has fed the masses from ancient times to this day. Corn is not only a vegetable and a cereal grain; it is a commodity as well.
  • Environmental Tech II
    Take a look at the innovations designed to hold off a global warming meltdown.
  • 10/25/07
    A steam pipe explosion rocks New Yorkers one summer day in midtown Manhattan. Boston's Big Dig highway project receives a major setback when sections of a tunnel ceiling fall onto the roadway. An air show in Mannheim, Germany comes to a tragic end when a Chinook helicopter crashes along the Autobahn. A tanker truck explodes on an Oakland freeway overpass, causing the structure to collapse. And oil workers hit a real gusher: a mud volcano, which has left some villages buried 16 feet deep, and may continue to spew mud for years, or even centuries.moreless
  • World's Sharpest
    Episode 36
    It's time to slice and dice! Take a cutting-edge look at the most amazing blades in the world.
  • Acid
    Episode 35
    It is the most widely produced chemical in the world and possibly the most dangerous. Take a look at the many uses of acid.
  • Deep Freeze
    Episode 34
    Take a look at the technology of cold.
  • Extreme Aircraft II
    Episode 33
    Take a supersonic flight through a world of flying machines that are redefining our skies.
  • Star Wars Tech
    Star Wars Tech
    Episode 32
    Take a look at the technology shown throughout the six Star Wars films and examine their viability through the eyes of cold hard science.
  • Traps
    Episode 30
    Traps are a device designed to capture and kill, but they don't always harm their prey.
  • Vacuums
    Episode 29
    Vacuums aren't just for cleaning floors
  • Bedroom Tech
    Bedroom Tech
    Episode 28
    We spend 1/3 of our lives in the bedroom, explore the technologies that help to ensure we wake up on the right side of the bed.
  • Chocolate
    Episode 27
    Take a tour through the entire chocolate making process and learn how chocolate has been thought of as an energizer, an aphrodisiac and a cure-all.
  • Sticky Stuff
    Sticky Stuff
    Episode 26
    Take a look at the stickiest of the sticky, and see the impact these much needed items have on our daily routines.
  • Aluminum
    Episode 25
    This useful metal was once considered more valuable than gold. Watch as aluminum is stretched, pounded, melted and turned into foam.
  • Saws
    Episode 24
    Sink your teeth into the razor sharp world of saws.
  • Cheese
    Episode 23
    Travel through history from the Roman Empire's diversity of cheeses to the 19th Century birth of industrial cheese.
  • Fertilizer
    Episode 22
    Fertilizer--without it two thirds of the world would starve. It makes our lawns grow greener and our crops grow taller. Take a tour of the places where the essential nutrients that feed the soil are harnessed.
  • Truck Stops
    Episode 21
    Catering to more than twenty million truckers, truck stops are bigger and better than ever. These mega-pit stops are essential to the trucks and truckers that haul eight billion tons of freight annually.
  • 70's Tech
    70's Tech
    Episode 20
    The 1970s were a decade of excess. Dust off your mirror ball, put on your leisure suit, and rediscover the gadgets of the era.
  • 5/30/07
    To err is human... But when the error results in the loss of life, it's a disaster. Learn about one of the most mysterious maritime disasters of the decade--the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald. Was it possible that the nation was on the brink of war due to a faulty circuit board? What caused the Buffalo Creek Dam disaster in West Virginia? Delve into the explosion of a super tanker in Los Angeles harbor.moreless
  • 5/23/07
    What does it take to rate as "the world's strongest"? Watch as life-saving boron carbide body armor is put to the test. Visit the world of monster trucks. Head dockside with a super-strong mobile crane capable of hoisting a 600-ton mega-yacht and toting it through a boat yard without a scratch. The Super-Shredder is a metal recycling monster that can gobble up 6 junked cars a minute.moreless
  • 5/16/07
    Discover how essential space travel technologies have journeyed back to Earth with surprising and indispensable commercial applications
  • 60's Tech
    60's Tech
    Episode 16
    Take a ride back to the 1960s and recall the technological happenings that helped shape the decade.
  • Welding
    Episode 15
    It was a science first conjured amid the fiery ovens of ancient blacksmiths; today more than 50% of all U.S. products require some form of welding. Whether via electricity, flammable gases, sonic waves, or sometimes just raw explosive power, welding creates powerful bonds between metal unmatched by any other joining process.moreless
  • Deep Sea Salvage
    Deep Sea Salvage
    Episode 14
    Driven by the need for deep sea rescue and salvage capabilities, the US Navy Diving and Salvage Programs have gathered together a highly skilled team of divers, scientists and engineers, who have been involved in some of the most exciting and dangerous salvage operations ever undertaken.
  • More Military Movers
    Soldiers, machines, and supplies are only effective if they arrive at the battlefield in time. Explore the history and the technology behind the machines that do the heavy moving in times of war.
  • Yard Tech
    Yard Tech
    Episode 12
    In the 21st century, turf grass is the number one crop grown in the U.S. When suburbia exploded after World War II, turf became the defining characteristic of nearly every yard. First, it's off to the research greenhouse facility at The Scotts Company to learn how grass seed is bred for special characteristics. Then pay a visit to the Toro Company, a big name in lawnmowers. The Rain Bird Company and its automatic sprinkler systems is the life giver to thirsty lawns across the country, and The Davey Company specializes in moving trees in excess of one million pounds. Finally, take a trip to California Waterscapes and watch as a crew installs a waterfall and koi pond.moreless
  • Dams
    Episode 11
    They block the force of a river, produce enough electricity to power cities, move water over hundreds of miles and irrigate fertile valleys. Dams prevent floods and produce "green" energy. Visit a hydroelectric dam, the most technologically advanced type of dam and a dam in Brazil that is five times the size of the Hoover Dam.moreless
  • Barbarian Battle Tech
    Barbarians and technology, maybe they're not such a contradiction after all. It's the bow that nearly brought down Rome, and the suspension system that revolutionized the chariot. Barbarians built the forts that held out invaders, and forged the axe that named a country. See inside the shop of one of the world's finest metal workers as he shapes iron ore into a classic Celtic sword. With 21st Century animation rebuild a 1600 year-old hill fort--and show that protecting a village was as easy as digging a ditch.moreless
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction
    From the unimaginable power of nuclear bombs to microscopic anthrax spores, we reveal who possesses these nightmare weapons and explore the danger posed by terrorists with deadly technologies. Using the latest computer technology see an on-screen representation of the radioactive plume that would result from a mock dirty bomb attack in Seattle. Learn how bio-agents are discovered and understand the technology currently used to identify and prevent suicide bombings. Weapons of mass destruction have made the world a dangerous place but find out how technology can assist us as we strive for lasting solutions.moreless
  • Star Trek Tech
    Star Trek Tech
    Episode 8
    For forty years Star Trek has engulfed our imagination and sent us on voyages across the galaxy. Take a look at the technology behind the gadgets used in the series.
  • The Destroyer
    The Destroyer
    Episode 7
    In the bloody battle of the Pacific, one class of fighting ship took on the full ferocity of the Japanese and won. After destruction of the Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, the US designed and built an awesome fleet of Fletcher-class destroyers--over 370 feet long, armed with 5-inch guns, and a speed of 36 knots.moreless
  • Ice
    Episode 5
    The solid form of life's precious elixir has played a key role in fashioning our history and is making its mark as an unusual tool of technology. Explore how Earth's ice originated and recount how ice age glaciers sculpted North America. Take an inside look at Colorado's National Ice Core Repository to see how ice drilled from Antarctica and Greenland is an invaluable archive of past climate, and at a Canadian research lab experts demonstrate the dynamics and dangers of icebergs. See how Greenland's massive ice sheet may be sliding faster than ever toward the sea. Take a look at how scientists are using Antarctica's ice as a gigantic lens to probe the secrets of the universe.moreless
  • Pumps
    Episode 4
    Since 200 BC, when the Greek Philosopher Archimedes created a device for lifting water, the pump has been synonymous with transporting Earth's most precious resource. That principle still holds true today. Visit the pumping stations of the Colorado Aqueduct and learn what kinds of pumps are used to quench the thirst of over 16 million residents of Southern California. Learn how electric and diesel power has transformed the simple squirt bottle into a power pump that can cut through steel. A visit to a dairy shows how a new robotic milking pump is pushing the envelope of pump technology. Examine one of the most sophisticated pumps in the world--the one designed to save the human heart.moreless
  • Canning
    Episode 3
    It's the unsung essential of modern life. Canning is the method of a preserving and packaging food, without which civilization would never have ventured beyond the local food supply. It changed the way the world eats and revolutionized the food industry.
  • Environmental Tech
    Episode 2
    From the prairies of Saskatchewan to a Manhattan skyscraper we'll see the 21st Century's cutting-edge "green" technologies in action. New technologies such as carbon sequestration and bioremediation take on our most daunting environmental crises, from global warming and deforestation to nuclear waste and resource scarcity. See how blue-green algae are converted into automotive biofuel and methane from decomposing garbage is turned into clean-burning natural gas. Finally, see how trees and other natural environments can be used as engineering materials to control flooding and rejuvenate dying rivers.moreless
  • Balls
    Episode 1
    From professional sports to the playground, balls have been a way of life for generations. Explore the research, development, technology and performance of balls as they spin through our sporting lives, bouncing evenly, spiraling tightly, and careening off our feet, bats, racquets and clubs. Tour the Wilson Football Factory and the Rawling's Costa Rica Baseball Factory as well as visit the National Soccer Hall of Fame and the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y.moreless