Modern Marvels - Season 15

Wednesday 10:00 PM on The History Channel Premiered Jan 01, 1995 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • 90's Tech
    90's Tech
    Episode 3
    The decade opened up the information superhighway and for the first time, people could shop, search, and surf online with the click of a mouse. Take a trip to the end of the 20th century and the beginning of today technologies.
  • Mega Meals
    Episode 43
    Explore the complex logistics behind creating feasts for the largest and most ravenous crowds. At the U.S. Naval Base in Bangor, Washington, hop aboard a nuclear submarine stuffed with enough food for a 120-day mission. At the U.S. Marine Corps' base in Twentynine Palms, California, follow a brigade of cooks as they prepare their "Victory Meal" for more than a thousand Marines. At the Philadelphia Eagles' football stadium, see how a major food supplier satisfies 69,000 fans during an NFL game. Watch a team of experts rapidly assemble a remote kitchen as they prepare to cater the official after party of the American Music Awards. In Las Vegas, the cooking team at Planet Hollywood's Spice Market Buffet will show viewers what it takes to feed a never-ending line of gamblers. And at Gate Gourmet kitchen in New York, watch as thousands of airline meals are whipped together in just one day.moreless
  • Secrets of Oil
    Secrets of Oil
    Episode 25
    Rubber, plastic, nylon, aerosols, resins, solvents, & lubricants; none can exist without oil. If we stopped driving our cars tomorrow, America would still need 5 million barrels of oil a day.
  • 3/6/08
    Witness some mind-blowing feats of strength starting with the world's most powerful elevators. Discover the world's strongest tire, the strongest mountain bike, the world's strongest land transport vehicle that carries the Space Shuttle & strongest home blender.
  • Mad Electricity
    Mad Electricity
    Episode 13
    Nikola Tesla's bizarre vision of the future brought him failure, but his genius electrified the world.
  • Locomotives
    Episode 11
    Race through the French countryside at nearly 300 MPH on the fastest locomotive in the world. Ride on the little engines that could as they guide giant ships through the Panama Canal. Watch two locomotives crash head-on as the federal government monitors safety. Descend 700 feet below the earth's surface where mining locomotives move miners through a maze of tunnels. Then, it's a "jiffy lube" for locomotives inside America's largest maintenance shop. Finally, glide into the future with a locomotive that levitates on a cushion of air.moreless
  • Whiskey
    Episode 7
    Visit some of the world's finest distilleries to see how each country brews this thousand-year old spirit. Go behind the scenes at Jim Beam, Jack Daniels and Canadian Club Whiskey.
  • Gadgets 3
    Episode 10
    Explore the hottest trends in gadgets, how they've evolved and where they're going.
  • Bread
    Episode 9
    It's the basic source of nourishment for half the world. Bake it, roast it, slice it, or toast it, it's a wonder with three simple ingredients.
  • Halloween Tech
    Halloween Tech
    Episode 33
    Halloween has become a six billion dollar industry. Go behind-the-scenes at Knott's Berry Farm's 35th annual Halloween Haunt. Learn how to apply Hollywood grade monster make-up, watch scary latex masks cranked out by the thousands and discover which costumes are past and present winners. See the most extreme jack-o-lanterns ever made, find out how hundreds of gallons of fake blood are manufactured and finally visit a haunted house with an annual attendance of over 50,000.moreless
  • Most Dangerous
    Most Dangerous
    Episode 15
    Discover that the deadliest snakes, sports and weather events are closer and more treacherous than you think.
  • Superhighways
    Episode 4
    Millions of drivers travel the world's superhighways each year. See a multi-billion dollar expansion project in Houston where a stretch of superhighway is being widened to 20 lanes & Take a ride atop the High-Five, a 12-story, five-level interchange that's become the latest Dallas tourist attraction. Then it's off to China's 28,000-mile National Trunk Highway System.moreless
  • Strange Weapons
    Episode 6
    Discover microwave-like rays that make the enemy flee,laser weapons mounted on trucks & planes that can blow missiles out of the sky, non-lethal weapons include a B.B. machine gun and a flashing device nicknamed that may make you lose your lunch.
  • Ice Cream
    Ice Cream
    Episode 19
    From the gelato of Italy to the French Pot process of the 1800s to numerous assortments of frozen delights being served up today, learn the history of this delicious dessert.
  • Iron
    Episode 26
    From the spear, axe, and sword to today's high tech arsenal, iron weapons have revolutionized warfare. Discover how iron ore is extracted and made into steel, how military-metallurgists create the latest weapons. Discover iron super magnets, and study the biggest iron magnet of all: the Earth! See how iron oxide plays a significant role in creating paints for cars and houses and ink for tattoos and the dollar bill.moreless
  • Rats
    Episode 12
    Feared by millions worldwide, rats are some of the most dangerous, destructive and useful animals on Earth.
  • Alaskan Fishing
    Alaskan Fishing
    Episode 8
    Takes a look inside the amazing ultra-modern world of high stakes commercial fishing where a wrong decision on the captain's part can cost not just the season's catch, but also the lives of his crew.
  • Coin Operated
    Coin Operated
    Episode 24
    Every 15 minutes, Americans insert over 3.5 million coins into vending machines. What are they buying? How do the machines work?
  • Wheat
    Episode 27
    It feeds the world. See how harvesting crews brave months on the road, cutting thousands of acres, tour a pasta plant to see how special kinds of wheat becomes everything from spaghetti to rigatoni. Watch as grain is mashed into a thirst-quenching brew and finally visit a company that transforms wheat into plastic-like products.moreless
  • Carbon
    Episode 2
    Carbon is the chemical basis of all known life and yet this simple element is also the foundation of modern technology. Carbon burns hotter, cuts deeper, insulates more thoroughly and absorbs more fully than any other material. See why carbon is the key both in heavy-duty industries, as well as in tools like the graphite pencil, the charcoal water filter, and the diamond saw blade.moreless
  • The Horse
    The Horse
    Episode 34
    Celebrate the animal that helped man change the world: the horse.
  • Lead
    Episode 17
    A versatile yet toxic metal, lead has served mankind for 6,000 years.
  • Underwear
    Episode 22
    From itchy woolen union suits to comfortable briefs and boxers learn how our undergarments have evolved over the last 100 years.
  • Bathroom Tech II
    Bathroom Tech II
    Episode 20
    The most used room in the home is the bathroom and it's full of tech. Visit Kohler and see the new digitally controlled uber-shower, complete with steam, music and LED chromatherapy. Check out American Standard's Champion 4--the supposedly "uncloggable" toilet. Learn all about the low-flow alternatives for showers and toilets. Touch-free fixtures and a futuristic toilet from Japan ensure a more hygienic restroom experience. Finally, what is New York City's latest hi-tech solution for going on the go?moreless
  • Super Hot
    Super Hot
    Episode 16
    Explore the world of extreme temperatures.
  • Corpse Tech
    Corpse Tech
    Episode 18
    Do you ever wonder what happens to your body after you die? You might be surprised to discover that the human body is host to a multitude of hidden secrets. Discover how coroners and forensic anthropologists use a body to both save lives and catch killers. Visit the University of Tennessee's famed "Body Farm," a crematorium, and one of the largest tissue banks in the United States.moreless
  • Crashes
    Episode 21
    Explore collisions that shake our world from the astronomic to the subatomic.
  • Salt
    Episode 36
    It's the only rock we eat, and we need it to live. History has shown that those who have salt rule the world--and today, this versatile substance has 14,000 known uses.
  • Soft Drinks
    Soft Drinks
    Episode 30
    They account for nearly 30% of all beverages consumed in the U.S. and have been quenching thirst for over a century
  • Milk
    Episode 1
    Got milk? Billions of pounds of milk are consumed worldwide on a daily basis. Milk is the basis for its own food group, and has been around since the dawn of mammals. Visit a farm with a milking parlor that looks more like a cow merry-go-round. Learn what pasteurization is really all about, and even milk a yak. Find out what those active cultures in yogurt are and discover if milk truly makes the body good. Wait until you discover just how many types of cows there truly are.moreless
  • Batman Tech
    Batman Tech
    Episode 23
    Since his debut in 1939, Batman has dazzled readers with an amazing array of gadgets. Go deep inside the Batcave to examine these incredible tools, many of them inspired by real-life military developments.
  • The Turkey
    The Turkey
    Episode 35
    It's the centerpiece on your Thanksgiving dinner table--and one of the most famous birds in North America. From the moment a baby turkey pecks through its shell to the factory that transforms turkey waste into crude oil, see a world few have ever seen.
  • Retro Tech
    Retro Tech
    Episode 38
    Rummage around in your garage and you'll likely find remnants of gadgets past: a typewriter, analog TV, LPs, film cameras and brick-sized mobile phones. These products served us well and remember each one with nostalgic fondness. Take a trip down memory lane to examine how these oldies-but-goodies worked and find out how more advanced tech superseded them.moreless
  • Car Wash
    Car Wash
    Episode 37
    Americans hit the car wash 2 million times a day--at a cost of $25 billion dollars a year. From tunnel systems to in-bay automatics, we'll go beyond the suds to see how car washes are built to clean.
  • Measure It
    Measure It
    Episode 40
    How do you weigh a whale? How does your speedometer work? Take a look at the five most common areas of measurement: distance, time, speed, weight, and temperature
  • Super Human
    Super Human
    Episode 39
    Do normal humans actually possess the ability to have super powers?
  • Night
    Episode 41
    Some activities only occur when the world is dark. Stay up late off the coast of California to hunt squid by the tens of thousands. Visit Toronto, Canada where an army of pickers pluck countless night crawlers emerging from their burrows. In Tennessee,capture the action as military trainees try their hand at the latest night vision gear. And experience how hard it is to evade a police helicopter's spotlight, or powerful noses and sharp teeth when the cops deploy their K-9 units. For some after hours fun, see how more than six hundred, 2,000 watt lights can turn night into day inside the Pittsburgh Pirates' new state-of-the-art stadium.moreless
  • Bulls-Eye
    Episode 32
    From LAPD's sharp shooters to Army snipers, discover what it means to be armed and accurate. Learn how ancient ballista and trebuchet could repeatedly strike their targets. Find out how the Phoenix Lander will navigate to its target some 422 million miles away. See a nine ball expert hit several bulls-eyes, sometimes with the same shot to run the table. Finally, watch as Cirque de Soleil's daring artists are both projectile and target as they perform their breathtaking feats.moreless
  • Axes
    Episode 14
    The axe is one of the world's oldest, most dangerous and efficient cutting tools. Visit one of the nation's largest axe manufacturers, take a swing with a Vikings' battleaxe, then see which would win in a fight of sword vs axe. Learn why the tomahawk is making a comeback as a tactical weapon & see how the fireman's axe has evolved into a trailer full of high tech rescue tools.moreless
  • Corrosion & Decomposition
    According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, the aging U.S. infrastructure is in danger of collapse. Learn about a company in Missouri that uses a trench-less technology to rebuild corroded sewer pipes from the inside out while engineers at General Motors Proving Grounds lead the battle against corrosive road de-icing salts. See how a bioreactor in Florida turns mountains of garbage methane gas. Finally, discover how the tiny termite is teaching us how to turn agricultural waste into ethanol at a fraction of the current cost.moreless
  • Dangerous Roads
    Dangerous Roads
    Episode 28
    Take a ride along some of the world's most dangerous roads. From Bolivia's "Death Road," to California's fog-shrouded Highway 99, find the danger that waits behind every blind curve
  • Mold & Fungus
    Mold & Fungus
    Episode 29
    Learn about fungal organisms that live within our bodies, grow beneath our feet, float in the air and help create some of the foods and beverages we consume.
  • Whiskey
    Episode 63
    Tour some of the world's finest distilleries to find out how each country brews this 1,000-year-old spirit.
  • Fry it
    Fry it
    Episode 42
    Welcome to the world of sizzling hot oil. First, it's a trip to the fair to discover the secrets behind fried classics such as funnel cakes and churros. And how about some deep fried treats such as frogs legs, and Twinkies and Coke? At Mickey's Diner in St. Paul, Minnesota, get schooled in the tricks of the fried food trade from a master short order cook. See what goes into forging the classic cast iron frying pan, supplying deep fryers for American restaurants, and producing billions of pounds of cooking oil. At Kentucky's World Chicken Festival, witness the world's largest stainless steel frying pan fry up to six hundred chicken quarters at a time. Find out what makes international favorites like British fish and chips, Japanese tempura, and Chinese stir-fry so tasty. Cooking oil is now being deployed as a fuel. Marvel at how San Francisco fire trucks are fueling up on the city's used cooking oil.moreless
  • Soft Drinks
    Soft Drinks
    Episode 30
    They account for nearly 30% of all beverages consumed in the U.S. and have been quenching thirst for over a century
  • Super Steam
    Super Steam
    Episode 17
    Steam is one of the most powerful natural forces in the world. From cleaning and heating systems to locomotives and ships, nearly everyone uses steam to power through their day.
  • 90's Tech
    Episode 3
    The dot com decade opened up the information superhighway and for the first time, people could shop, search, and surf online with the click of a mouse. Take a trip back to the end of the 20th century and the beginning of today's trendy technologies and see how the gadgets we can't live without all started in the 90s. Learn about the science of creating an Internet search engine and explore how virtual pet toys were born.moreless