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Season 12 : Episode 42

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Season 12 : Episode 42

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  • Ocean Liners
    Episode 9
    In "Ocean Liners", host Jack Perkins chronicles the era when the Industrial Revolution forever changed steamship engineering design and technology. This episode profiles shipbuilding transformation from the late 1800s, through the early 1900s, to modern luxury ship liners. Featured ocean liners with colossal size, record speeds, extraordinary luxuries, and mass transport capabilities include The Titanic, The Andrea Doria, The Morro Castle, The Queen Mary, and The Queen Elizabeth. Highlights include epic ship disasters and crucial roles in military operations during the world war years.moreless
  • Golden Gate Bridge
    Episode 8
    More than 50 years after its construction, the Golden Gate remains one of the world's greatest engineering marvels. It took 25-million man-hours and 80,000 miles of cable to complete. But the cost in human life proved even greater.
  • Churches/Cathedrals
    Churches/Cathedrals shows how early construction aided in the building of the Washington National Cathedral. The show also takes a look at the construction of other major cathedrals around the world. Follow along as architects explain the historic and religious importance of these cathedrals. The program focuses on gothic style cathedrals.
  • Gothic Cathedrals
    Gothic Cathedrals
    Episode 6
    Built of stone and glass, persistence and prayer, gothic cathedrals are an epiphany of imagination and an articulation of joy.
  • Domed Stadiums
    Episode 5
    Modern Marvel's Domed Stadiums discusses the importance of sports stadiums in America. The program featured Houston's Astrodome, as is was often dubbed, "the eighth wonder of the world," for being one of the first domed stadiums that covers almost 10 acres and is 18 stories high. Shortly after, New Orleans Superdome and Seattle's Kingdome built indoor domed stadiums, but fans preferred watching games outdoors. The rest of the program focused on Toronto's Skydome and how it combined the two by having a push-button retractable roof.moreless
  • Eiffel Tower
    Eiffel Tower
    Episode 4
    The Eiffel Tower is one of the most distinguishable monuments in the world today. This episode of Modern Marvels looks into the beginnings of the Eiffel tower, particularly the vision of Gustav Eiffel when he designed it and the obstacles that had to be overcome during its construction as it gradually transformed from a derided massive iron skeleton to one of the architectural marvels of the 19th century.moreless
  • Las Vegas
    Episode 3
    Born on a patch of desert sand, it's now a neon oasis where nothing is ever what it seems. Its grand hotels and casinos tower over the horizon and prove that size really does matter in Sin City, and the more spectacular the better. Uncover the secrets behind this man made Mecca for gamblers.moreless
  • The Transcontinental Railroad
    On a somber day in Gettysburg, Abraham Lincoln ended his famous address with a promise that the war-torn nation would be reborn. The greatest symbol of that rebirth had already begun, hailed as an engineering feat to rival the pyramids the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad. Its construction was an engineering marvel and a technological nightmare. The Union Pacific built westward from Omaha, and the Central Pacific eastward from Sacramento, hoping they would someday meet. The work crept inch by grueling inch across the forbidding continent and the treacherous Sierras. Here is the epic tale of the struggle to forge an iron link across the untamed West, and the only engineering feat to spawn an American folk tale: the legend of John Henry. After a decade of work, on May 10, 1869 at Promontory, Utah, as the last symbolic spike linking the two railways was driven, a nation was united and forever transformed.moreless
  • Balloons
    Episode 1
    More than a century before the Wright brothers, a Frenchman named Pilatre do Rozier took off on the first-ever manned flight. His vehicle was a hot air balloon designed by the brothers Montgolfier. From the ornate contraption filled with air heated by a straw fire that carried Rozier into history to the high-tech, closed capsule masterpieces of today, this episode chronicles the history of these extraordinary craft. It is a story filled with the dreams of fearless pioneers and fueled by everything from propane to solar power. You'll go inside the cabin of a craft designed to tackle the Everest of ballooning--a non-stop circumnavigation of the globe. Examine the many uses balloons have been put to over the years, and hear from the designers and "pilots" who have dedicated their lives to riding the winds. And thrill to incredible footage of all types of balloons filling the air at rallies.moreless