Modern Marvels - Season 4

Wednesday 10:00 PM on The History Channel Premiered Jan 01, 1995 In Season


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  • 6/22/97
    A wonder of the ancient world, the Great Wall of China is one of mankind's most massive building achievements. Yet contrary to popular belief, there is no single wall of China, but rather a series of walls built for different reasons at different times. MODERN MARVELS embarks on a journey of discovery, investigating the mysterious history surrounding this cultural marvel. Historians and modern engineers discuss the planning, construction, and function of various segments while extensive location footage illuminates the stunning majesty of its architecture. Legend claims that the wall is a wellspring of warfare, madness, and death--can this be true?moreless
  • Observatories: Stonehenge to the Space Telescopes
    The stargazers of mankind build observatories to unravel the secrets of the universe.
  • Pyramids: Majesty and Mystery
    After more than two millennia, the pyramids continue to inspire architects.
  • Air Force One: A History
    Until the airplane soared on the scene, the President was mostly Washington-bound; then, in 1910, Teddy Roosevelt took to the sky! From FDR's custom-tailored prop plane to today's technological wonder, the program examines the evolution of the Oval Office in the Sky.
  • 7/16/12
    Modern Marvels is going big, and counting down. We take the "best of" Modern Marvels and give you the MEGA Top 10 countdown. On this edition: Speed. It's a pure adrenaline rush as we race the top 10 fastest marvels we've featured down to the speediest of all.
  • Aqueducts
    Episode 3
    In this episode of The History Channel's technological documentary show, we learn about aqueducts: bridges that carry not roads but rivers, elaborate networks of channels and pipes that transfer water across deserts. Modern Marvels traces the development of aqueducts from Ancient Rome to modern structures, such as the vast aqueduct that supplies the city of Los Angeles with its water.moreless
  • The Telephone
    The Telephone
    Episode 2
    Undeniably essential to modern life, the telephone is the most important, influential, and effective communication tool ever developed. Stay on the line with THE HISTORY CHANNEL to witness this invention's unbelievably dramatic true story-one of false starts, close calls, and a bitter rivalry. All his life, Alexander Graham Bell was driven by a desire to create a machine that would make it easier for the deaf to speak and hear. Using an actual human ear from a cadaver to understand the nature of sound, Bell even enlisted a young Thomas Edison to help invent what would become the telephone. Exploring how one man's speaking device has grown into the technological web that links humankind, this thrilling program also revisits the race between Bell and rival Elisha Gray—who was building a similar design but ultimately filed the history-changing patent just two hours after Bell.moreless