Modern Marvels - Season 5

Wednesday 10:00 PM on The History Channel Premiered Jan 01, 1995 In Season


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  • 8.8
    Meet some of the most important, yet least-recognized, warriors--the battlefield engineers who lay the groundwork for oncoming conflicts. We'll cover combat engineering from ancient Rome to modern-day Iraq, and take a look at the "Next Big Thing".
  • American Steel: Built to Last
    For over a century, the US steel industry was a powerful symbol of the nation's industrial might. Steel helped explode the stock market into an overnight powerhouse, and transformed a country of farmers and merchants into a nation of visionary builders. But America's domination of the market would meet new challenges in the 1970s.moreless
  • Statue of Liberty
    Episode 19
    It started as an idea at a French dinner party and became the symbol of the free world. The story of France's gift to the U.S. reveals a 20-year struggle to design and build the world's largest monument--using paper-thin copper sheets.
  • The Alaskan Oil Pipeline
    In 1973, a desperate America, starved by an OPEC embargo, began construction on an 800-mile lifeline for its insatiable oil hunger. We'll examine this technological triumph, built over impenetrable mountains and tundra, where temperatures drop to 75 below zero. We also study its impact on a fragile ecological system.
  • Deep Sea Exploration: Challenging the Abyss
    Deep Sea Exploration: Challenging the Abyss is the 17th episode from the fifth season of the History Channel TV series Modern Marvels in which experts discuss the history of deep sea exploration from its primitive early days to its super high tech present. Deep Sea Exploration: Challenging the Abyss first aired in 1997.moreless
  • Earthmovers: The Power to Move Mountains
    Feel the earth move under your feet and dig into the fascinating history of earthmoving equipment--from invention of the simple spade to today's powerful steam shovels. Meet the legendary giants like John Deere, Jerome Case, and the founders of Caterpillar, who helped forge America's monolithic construction industry.
  • Transcontinental Railroads
    With California finally part of the United States, two rail companies raced to connect the monied East and the promising West. Along the way, fortunes would be made, lives lost, and adversity overcome. Join us for the exciting story of the largest, most expensive challenge of the 19th century.
  • The Stock Exchange
    The Stock Exchange
    Episode 11
    Welcome to the center of the American economy, where nearly $90-million changes hands each minute. Journey back to the wooden wall, built to hold back Indians, where early traders signed a pact creating the New York Stock Exchange; watch worldwide markets quake with the crash of 1929; and visit today's computer-driven wonder.moreless
  • The Search for the Polio Vaccine
    When "poliomyelitis" swept the nation, thousands died or were disabled before American ingenuity, trial and error, and blatant acts of desperation led to one of the greatest scientific breakthroughs in history. We'll see how polio shaped the vision of FDR, and catapulted the young unknown doctor Jonas Salk to international celebrity.moreless
  • Household Wonders
    Household Wonders
    Episode 7
    Reviews the revolution in home improvement and glimpses the kitchen of tomorrow. Included: the development of the stove, sewing machine, refrigerated air, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, toaster, and mixer.
  • The Motion Picture
    Episode 3
    Rare film from the Edison Studios marks the beginning of movies.
  • Radio: Out of Thin Air
    Though now considered a country cousin when compared to the sophisticated television, merely a century ago, the radio galvanized communications as it linked the world without wires. The program examines the long life of the radio.
  • Satellites
    Episode 1
    Documentary traces the technological race to build satellites. It took the innovation of three men, including a visionary British science fiction writer and a Nazi engineer, and one of the most desperate technological races of all time to create the satellite. Former NASA officials recall the desperate early days of the space race, when America feared that Russian dominance in the heavens would have tragic consequences on the ground. See how satellites evolved into the world's most essential communications tools, and explore the stunning capabilities of modern spy "birds".moreless