Modern Marvels

Season 15 Episode 25

Secrets of Oil

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 31, 2008 on The History Channel

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  • Oil. A product that has lead us to where we are today and will continue to carry us for many years to come. Synthetic fuel is going to be necessary but it will not replace the value of ordinary oil. Recycle? Yes. Replace? Not yet.

    If every congress man and woman watched this show, they would vote to drill for our own oil. To not go after our own sources of oil is literally destroy the USA as we know it. We can't progress or even maintain our current level of living without future sources of oil. This program displayed the hugh need we have of oil. Seeing it in virtually everything we make and use daily, from clothing to medicine, how can anyone not see the ongoing need for our own sources? Our scientists have made the discoveries that now run the world as we know it. We can't live without oil. Substitutes are progressing but are years and probably decades away. We must find more oil to not only fuel the future, but to continue life as we are now experiencing it. We need oil more than we need to keep some barren plain, barren. Nature will reclaim any land that may suffer from our extremely small footprint on this earth. The Amazon is already reclaiming the acres of felled forests. It is for us to make the most of what is available on this planet because earth has no ability to import raw materials from other stars and planets. Virtually everything that was here when man first walked here, is here still. Something just in different formulation.
    Drill now or die soon!!!!!!!!!