Modern Marvels

Season 13 Episode 57


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 10, 2006 on The History Channel



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    • Narrator: A single snowflake showcases nature's wonder, combined they flaunt its fury. Snow can stop a city in its tracks and let thrill seekers make their own. Scientists can create individual flakes in the lab while ski resorts make billions of them to stay in business. It wields the power of sudden death and its demise nurtures a new season. Now: Snow, on Modern Marvels.

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    • Commentators:

      Kenneth Libbrecht, PhD
      Professor of Physics, CalTech

      Thomas H. Painter, PhD
      Research Scientists, National Snow and Ice Data Center

      Gannet Hallar, PhD
      Director, Storm Peak Laboratory

      Ian McCubbin
      GeoEngineer, Storm Peak Laboratory

      Jeff Proteau
      VP/Director of Operations, Telluride Ski Resort

      Stephen R. West
      Snow Making Plant Manager, Steamboat Ski Resort

      Craig Sterbenz
      Snow Safety Director, Telluride Ski Resort

      Ed La Chapelle
      Professor Emeritus, University of Washington

      Dale Atkins
      Avalanche Rescue Expert

      JuJu Jullien
      Distributor, Avalanche Airbag ABS system

      Aaron Mentkowski
      Meteorologist, WKBW-TV

      Charles Morgante
      Regional Director of Operations, NYSDOT

      Patrick Manicki
      Driver Operator, NYSDOT

      Leonard Cheff
      Operator, NYSDOT

      Robert Davis, PhD
      CRREL Director and Research Scientist

      James Lever, PhD
      Mechanical Engineer, CRREL

      Sally Shoop, PhD
      Research Civil Engineer, CRREL

      Mary Albert, PhD
      Research Mechanical Engineer, CRREL

      Genevieve LeMoine
      Curator, Perry-MacMillan Arctic Museum

      Ed Huesers
      President, Grand Shelters

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