Modern Marvels

Season 12 Episode 6

The Butcher

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 01, 2005 on The History Channel
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The Butcher
In a carnivorous world, a butcher is a necessary link in the food chain, carving a carcass of unsavory flesh into mouthwatering cuts. We trace the grisly trade's evolution--from yesteryear's butcher-on-every-corner to today's industrial butcher working on a "disassembly" line. We tour the infamous remains of the Chicago Stockyards, where Upton Sinclair, Clarence Birdseye, and refrigeration changed butchering forever; witness high-speed butchering; and travel to a non-stop sausage factory. And if you're still squeamish, a USDA inspector offers the lowdown on HACCP--the country's new system of checks and balances on everything from quality grading to E. coli, Salmonella, and Mad Cow Disease. Finally, we visit the last bastion of old-school butchering--the rural custom butcher, who slaughters, eviscerates, skins, and cuts to his customer's wishes.moreless
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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (4)

      • As a safeguard against mad cow disease, the skulls, brains, vertebral columns, and spinal cords of cattle thirty months of age or older are prohibited in the U.S. food supply.

      • Cow eyes are sometimes sold by meat packing operation to medical research centers and to parts of Europe and the Middle East, where they are considered delicacies.

      • A popular treat in St. Louis and Chicago at the height of the stockyard era wa the "brain sandwich," deep-fried slices of cow brains served with onions between two slices of bread.

      • Romans sometimes roated a chicken stuffed inside a duck, stuffed inside a goose, stuffed inside a pig, and finally stuffed inside a cow.

    • QUOTES (1)

      • Narrator: Vegetarians need not apply. The 21st century butcher has many faces: a grim reaper, a carcass processor, a meat cutter, a safety inspector and a salesman. He turns livestock into steak, hamburger and sausage, he even makes housecalls. Now: the Butcher, on Modern Marvels.

    • NOTES (2)

      • Eddy Shin
        Chef, Nick & Stef's Steakhouse

        Thomas Wake, PhD
        Director, Zooarchaeology Lab UCLA

        Joseph Ingrao
        Paulina Meat Market, Chicago

        Buck Raper
        Engineering Manager, Dexter-Russell

        Dan Vance
        Huntington Meats

        Jerome Lekan
        Paulina Meat Market, Chicago

        Floyd McKeith, PhD
        Animal Science, University of Illinois

        Dominic Pacyga, PhD
        History, Columbia College, Chicago

        Les Orear
        Illinois Labor History Society

        John Killefer, PhD
        Animal Science, University of Illinois

        Bob Gladu
        Master Butcher

        Fritz Usinger
        Usinger's Famous Sausage

        Thomas Duffy
        Great Western Beef Company

        Mike Eickman
        Eickman's Processing

        Jim Wieringa
        Mobile Butcher

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