Modern Marvels

Season 10 Episode 21

Torture Devices

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 22, 2003 on The History Channel
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Torture Devices
For more than 3,000 years, emperors and generals, dictators and police, criminals, clerics, and even medical doctors have created and used a vast array of torture devices--everything from the ancient Greeks' Brazen Bull, which slowly barbecued the victim, to the elaborate mechanical apparatuses of the Spanish Inquisition. A medical doctor who specializes in victims of torture reveals how the human body responds to their use--from the earliest excruciating contrivances to the more modern.moreless
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  • An uninteresting topic.

    Tonight's episode about torture devices was a bit of a letdown. The "tech" of torture, as it were, just isn't all that interesting. The show followed the typical Modern Marvels flow, but the subject itself just wasn't interesting to me. Seeing the ways we torture people for committing crimes or punishment for other reasons is a bit hard to watch.

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    • Narrator: They are some of the most diabolical devices ever created, thousands of years old they terrify and maim, haunting their victims for a lifetime. Used by governments and private citizens alike. Now, Torture Devices, on Modern Marvels.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Adolf Hitler (archival footage)

      Osama Bin Laden (archival footage)

      Khalid Shaikh Mohammed (archival footage)

      Gov. George Ryan (archival footage)

      Joseph McCarthy (archival footage)

      Josef Mengele (archival footage)

      Roy Bennett (archival footage)

      Michael Nutkiewicz, Ph.D.
      Program for Torture Victims

      Paul Hoffman
      Amnesty International

      William F. Atwater
      U.S. Army Ordnance Museum

      Philip Schrier
      National Firearms Museum

      David Eisenman, M.D., M.S.H.S.
      UCLA School of Medicine

      Prof. Daniel Smith-Christopher, Ph.D.
      Bluffton College, Ohio

      Javier Guerrero
      San Diego Museum of Man

      Melanie Perreault, Ph.D.
      Salisbury University

      Rachel Jagoda
      L.A. Museum of the Holocaust

      Joan Bennett Chapman
      Roy Bennett's Daughter

      David Chandler
      Author, Voices from S-21

      S. Megan Berthold, Ph.D.
      Program for Torture Victims

      Executive Producer: Don Cambou
      Writer: Kathryn Christy
      Writer: Michael Christy
      Producer: Kathryn Christy
      Producer: Michael Christy
      Associate Producer: Emily Lau
      Line Producer: Paul Dzilvelis
      Editor: Barry Silver
      Narrator: Max Raphael
      Music: Guy Thomas
      Producer: Bruce Nash
      Creator: Bruce Nash
      Production Manager: Kathlene Exner Rizzotti
      Post Production Manager: Gary Reid
      Clearance Supervisor: Katie Del Core
      Director of Research: Hildie Katibah
      Production Auditor: Dani Eslin
      Assistant Accountant: Linda Scribner
      Assistant Accountant: Dennis Luciani
      Production Coordinator: James Wiser
      Assistant Editor: Eric Sievering
      Post Coordinator: Danny Kim
      Post Assistant: Laura Steinhoff
      Voice over Coordinator: Beata Genin
      Production Assistant: Rosalyn McVay
      Camera: Peter Krajewski
      Still Photographer: Dave Gatley
      Historical Consultant: Daniel Smith-Christopher, Ph.D.
      Online Editor: Arthur Klein
      Sound Mixer: Sam Kaufmann
      Animation: Scott Boyer

      Special Thanks:
      Amnesty International
      Rachel Champeau
      Youk Chhang
      Richardo Delgado
      Dawn Grissiths
      Dennis Kaufman
      Program for Torture Victims
      Steve Ruhl
      San Diego Museum of Man
      Nava Silvera

      Executive Producer: Beth Dietrich-Seggara
      Produced by Actuality Productions, INC


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