Modern Marvels

Season 14 Episode 9

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 21, 2007 on The History Channel



  • Notes

    • Commentators:

      Harley Benz, PhD
      Scientist in Charge, NEIC

      Bruce Goodwin, PhD
      Livermore Nuclear Weapons Program Head

      Sammy Salama
      Center for Nonproliferation Studies

      Clay Moltz, PhD
      Center for Nonproliferation Studies

      Jeffrey M. Bale, PhD
      Center for Nonproliferation Studies

      Kevin Rohrer
      Spokesman, Nevada Test Site

      Dax Jolly
      Deputy Facility Manager, JASPER

      William Potter
      Center for Nonproliferation Studies

      John Nasstrom, PhD
      Associate Program Leader, NARAC

      Todd A. Hoffman
      Port Director, Los Angeles/Long Beach

      Michael Carmouche
      CBP Officer, Port of LA/Long Beach

      Edward J. Morones
      CBP Officer, Port of LA/Long Beach

      Shawn Funk
      System Manager, CUGR

      Jeffrey K. Smart
      US Army Command Historian, ECBC

      Craig Hooper, PhD
      Center for Nonproliferation Studies

      Peter Emanuel, PhD
      Biodefense Team Leader, ECBC

      John Dzenitis, PhD
      Project Leader, APDS

      Matt Peterson
      Facilities Operator, TOCDF

      Ted Ryba
      Site Project Manager, TOCDF

      Richard L. Wiltison
      Historian, ECBC

      Gary W. McCloskey
      General Manager, TOCDF

      Randy Herald
      Production Manager, Fort Gordon

      Lynn Skinner
      Chief of Devices, Fort Gordon

      Sgt. First Class Roy Ebersole
      Training Instructor, Fort Gordon