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Modern Toss

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Modern Toss is a British partially-animated sketch comedy series created by Jon Link and Mick Bunnage and based on their cartoon series of the same name. The show features live actors like Simon Roberts, Fiona Terry, Christopher Rowe, and Camilla Corbett, as well as animated characters with voices provided by Ralph Brown, Mackenzie Crook, Anthony Davis, Paul Kaye, and many other talented voice actors. Each episode of this inventive and hilarious series features sketches that push the boundaries of comedy with absurdist premises and some truly bizarre characters. The show includes many recurring segments, such as Gnat Burglar, which follows a gigantic mosquito that causes chaos by sucking the contents out of one thing and injecting it into another, and Planet Chat, a talk show in the style of Jerry Springer where the aggressive and dramatic guests are all planets and celestial bodies. Modern Toss is a frenetic comedy series, full of fantastic characters and razor-sharp wit.

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British TV