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Ralph R. Farquhar who created the series "Moesha", made this show a big success after the last failing show "South Central". The series featured Grammy Award Winning artist Brandy Norwood and actress Sherly Lee Ralph in a series that showed how life was really like in Leimert Park, Los Angeles California. Moesha Deniese Mitchell is teenager who soon became an adult, learning various issues to do with love, sex, relationship and family. Following her mothers death Moesha looked after her father Frank Mitchell (William Allen Young) and brother Myles Mitchell (Marcus T. Paulk) She jealous of her new step-mother Dee Mitchell (Sherly Lee Ralph) who seemed to be taking over her role but the two have gotten to know and understand each other. Mo's friends Kim Parker (Countess Vaughn-James), Niecy Jackson (Shar Jackson) and Hakeem Campbell (Lamount Bentley) have made it through teenage adventure-hood with Moesha into becoming mature adults. When Countess Vaughn James left the series to do with Mo'Nique on her own show called "The Parkers" which was the "Moesha" spin-off, Ray-J came along to take over the show and became the new cast member of the show. After the show was cancelled in 2001 due to falling ratings, the series became best known for being the first to run on UPN for 6 seasons in 6 years .moreless
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    One of the Craziest Interviews We've Ever Done: Tyler, the Creator on Adult Swim's Loiter Squad

    These young millionaires don't care if you like them, but you probably will.


    Brandy may be charged with vehicular manslaughter

  • Marcus T. Paulk

    Marcus T. Paulk

    Myles Mitchell

    Lamont Bentley

    Lamont Bentley

    Hakeem Campbell

    Fredro Starr

    Fredro Starr

    Quinton "Q" Brooks (episodes 20, 22 - 28, 30 - 61, recurring otherwise)

    Countess Vaughn

    Countess Vaughn

    Kim Parker (seasons 1 - 4)

    Brandy Norwood

    Brandy Norwood

    Moesha Denise Mitchell

    Shar Jackson

    Shar Jackson

    Niecy Jackson (episodes 15 - 20, 22 - 28, 30+, recurring previously)

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    • One of the greatest tv shows ever watched

      When I first saw it, I really thought it was a Nickelodeon show, but after watching all the episodes, "Moesha" has been one of my top favorites. I love the show! Cool characters, awesome music and epic plot. I even want to say "good job" to these amazing characters, like:

      Moesha Mitchell- a typical girl who is somewhat cynical, stuck-up, but very strong-willed.

      Hakeem Campbell- an optimistic and mild-mannered best friend and neighbor of Moesha, and also her boyfriend (until after the finale).

      Kim Parker- Moesha's dim-witted, yet good-hearted best friend.

      Niecy Jackson- one of Moesha's friends who's naive and bright.

      Myles Mitchell- Moesha's pesky, yet warm little brother who gets easily left-out.

      Dorian Long- Moesha and Myles' cousin-then-brother who is a rebellious, cocky, and uncaring jerk who's actually a kind and strong-willed person who just want love and forgiveness.

      Quentin "Q" Brooks- the on-and-off boyfriend of Moesha Mitchell who has a short temper, and is occasionally disliked by Frank.

      Frank Mitchell- the overprotective, yet well-meaning father of Moesha, Myles and Dorian.

      Deidra "Dee" Mitchell- the step-mother of Moe, Myles and Dorian, and the wife of Frank, who is very loving, but somewhat self-centered.

      Andell Wilkerson- an older friend of Moesha who is compassionate, yet really picky.

      I love the show so much, and I still wish it didn't end horribly.moreless
    • My hero

      Moesha is a great series that i love to watch on inspires me to be a writer,actress,and you Moe
    • Moesha fan

      Moesha was a TV series that gave an enormous influence in my life! This show helped me to be good in terms of decision-making and it was really a good sitcom for all ages to watch. For all those who think this is not a good series, you better think twice. Moesha was more than just a sitcom. It brings good messages to everyone. I watch again all the episodes of this show from the DVD set I purchased from dvdbooth .com . It was high rated quality DVDs which has been part of my treasured collections. Yes, you read it, this kind of show is really a treasure because it's a pretty good sitcom that is commendable for all the viewers out there!moreless
    • Why did it have to end so fast.

      Why did it have to end like that i'm so mad.
    • A Growing Adult: Moesha

      This show highlights the celebrity we know as Moesha. I watched this show a LOT. It was very appealing as a young female growing up, and this is what this show highlighted: issues on love, growing up as a young adult, dating Hakeem, and having occasional disagreements with sophisticated and laidback parents named Dee and strict Frank. Moesha was stylish, shy, sometimes outgoing, casually funny, and I always looked up to Dee for some reason. All I know is this is a show you HAVE to watch... it's a good family show.moreless

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