Season 2 Episode 10

A Concerted Effort (2)

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 05, 1996 on UPN

Episode Recap

After Moesha sees Q with Ebony, their relationship freezes again. Kim and Niecy continue to try to gain access to the concert. As Moesha, Kim and Niecy all seem to give up on the evening, they run into Montell Jordan who tries to change Moesha's mind and escorts the girls to the concert. But only Moesha becomes the lucky girl after Kim and Niecy are caught in a stampede. Myles continues his nightmare with the mean babysitter. Inside the concert, Moesha and Q talk over their differences and end up arriving to the restaurant that Dee and Frank, along with Andell and Coach Vines, are attending. Frank finally meets Q. After receiving Moesha's and Q's ticket stubs, Kim and Niecy finally get into the concert but are saddened to learn that the concert is over. Q's cousins' plans to get a recording deal fail but they fulfill Kim and Niecy's night by performing a song for them.