Season 5 Episode 22

D-Money Loses His Patience

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 22, 2000 on UPN

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  • Moesha catch Hakeem and Niecy kissing, and Dorian's behavior increases that Frank sent him to boot camp

    Moesha tries figure out whether she can stay in . with Hakeem or go on tour with Q. But when she caught Hakeem kissing Niecy, she felt so mad, hurt, and betrayed that she opted to go on tour with Q. After getting in trouble with Patience, Dorian refuses to confess. But when a thug came to the Mitchell household, Dorian crosses the line. Frank has no choice, but to send him to boot camp. Dorian got mad because Frank never treat him the way Mo and Myles were treated, and blames for his behavior after revealing his secret. One of the most powerful episodes.
  • Mo Catches Hakeem Kissing On Niecy And Is Understandably Furious. Frank And Dee Are Fed Up With Dorian And Send Him Away To Boot Camp.

    Frank Should Not Have Sent Dorian To Boot Camp Because He Is Too Handsome To Be There. I Have Loved Dorian For A Long Time. My Favorite Part Was When Dorian Got Angry And Yelled At Frank, That Was Phat. They Should Have Gave Dorian More Chances. It Was Obvious He Acted Out The Way He Did Because Of Frank's Secret. Frank Should Of Told Him More Sooner Because Maybe Then He Would Not Have Acted Out Like He Did. Dorian Is Like The Cutest Person On The Show. And He Is My Personal Favorite. I Always Thought Hakeem Was Kinda Cute Too. But Dorian The Best.
  • This episode is about Dorian's recent behavior finally taking its toll. Also, Moesha is faced with a dilemma to go with Q on tour or stay home and continue her relationship with Hakeem.

    I like this episode because we see Moesha and Q once again on the verge of a reconciliation. But I didn't like how Hakeem and Niecy did her. They were suppose to be the only ones who wouldn't let her down. But they failed. Anyway, Hakeem knew that him and Moesha was having problems considering his work schedule. But him kissing Niecy was just the cherry on the sundae. I also didn't like how Frank just shipped Dorian off to boot camp without a single explanation. I agree he doesn't treat Dorian like his other kids though he claims he cares for him. Even though Moesha and Q had their problems when they were going out, Q wouldn't dare cheat on her or "accidentally" kiss her best friend. That was the highlight of the show. I'm glad she decided to get back with Q and go on tour with him. He seemed sincere then but on into the relationship he wanted to change up on her. But Hakeem wouldn't have to beg so hard if he tried his best to keep their relationship strong. I wouldn't have forgiven Niecy so fast as Moesha did though. What she did is unforgivable. Then Niecy gonna act like what she did wasn't all that big of a deal. She should have sympathized with how Moesha felt about the situation. I gave it that score because I don't think Frank should have sent Dorian to boot camp.
  • A little strange and Dorian seems a little selfish

    In a previous episode we learn hat Dorian is Frank's son, not nephew. And Just as Bad A$$ Dorian starts to turn around, he retreats to his old habits after learning the truth. But after learning in a season 6 episode that the only reason Frank hooked up with Barbra (Dorian's birth mother) was because fis first wife, Maurguriette (Mo's mom), left him some period of time and he thought his marriage was over (for good). But Maurguriette did come back and learned that Frank had an affair becuase he thought she left him for good and Barbra was pregnant with Dorian. She refused to let Frank raise him and Barbra wasn't going to, So Frank's sister, Sandy (the problem solver) offered to adopt Dorian to end this problem. I think Dorian was being a selfish little prick when it came to Frank being his father because Frank was forbidden to raise Dorian and his birth mother wasn't going to raise him, either. Dorian was just starting to make progress and then came the big secret. I think if Dorian better understood the situation, maybe he'd be better able to forgive. But Dorian was just too stuborn to listen.
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