Season 5 Episode 22

D-Money Loses His Patience

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 22, 2000 on UPN

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  • A little strange and Dorian seems a little selfish

    In a previous episode we learn hat Dorian is Frank's son, not nephew. And Just as Bad A$$ Dorian starts to turn around, he retreats to his old habits after learning the truth. But after learning in a season 6 episode that the only reason Frank hooked up with Barbra (Dorian's birth mother) was because fis first wife, Maurguriette (Mo's mom), left him some period of time and he thought his marriage was over (for good). But Maurguriette did come back and learned that Frank had an affair becuase he thought she left him for good and Barbra was pregnant with Dorian. She refused to let Frank raise him and Barbra wasn't going to, So Frank's sister, Sandy (the problem solver) offered to adopt Dorian to end this problem. I think Dorian was being a selfish little prick when it came to Frank being his father because Frank was forbidden to raise Dorian and his birth mother wasn't going to raise him, either. Dorian was just starting to make progress and then came the big secret. I think if Dorian better understood the situation, maybe he'd be better able to forgive. But Dorian was just too stuborn to listen.
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